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[Resolved] Astra Theme Product Archive Layout Theme Options for Sidebar don’t work

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: It seems that the Layouts Theme Options for Sidebar settings with the Astra theme are not working as expected. I am unable to activate the sidebar in my Product Archive Layout using Theme Options.

Solution: We have filed an internal ticket to look into the issue with sidebar theme options in Astra and Layouts. In the meantime, you can simulate a sidebar design by shrinking the width of the content in your Layout, then adding a widget with sidebar to the right edge.

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Last updated by liatG 5 years, 6 months ago.

Assisted by: Christian Cox.


This is for Christian Cox, please.
Hi Christian. I have split off this ticket to ask you for more help. The original ticket is here:

Waqar's answer did not help me solve my problem. My products page is not the default WooCommerce shop page, but a custom layout with a simple view showing my products.

Here's the view: hidden link
I attached screenshots to the other ticket.

The Astra customizer settings seem to only apply when the default WooCommerce shop page is being used. Can you tell me how to make my custom layout look normal, as I describe in the other ticket?

Thank you!


Hi, I don't think the sidebar Theme Options work well for Astra on the Product Archive Layout. I can report that for some additional investigation but it doesn't really help you right now. To work around it you can modify the Product Archive Layout so that the View cell is only 9 columns wide, leaving 3 columns on the right edge. Then insert a Widget cell in those 3 columns and select the sidebar you want to display. To add padding at the top of the content area, I would edit the row and add a CSS class like "temp-top-for-product-archive". Go to Layouts CSS and add some top padding like this:

.temp-top-for-product-archive {
  padding-top: 50px;

Thank you, Christian! I was able to approximate the layouts of my other pages by using the fix you suggested and adding a border to the left column to make it look like a separator between the content and the sidebar.

I would love if you reported this for some additional investigation. The page doesn't work the same as other pages with similar views, as it is not responsive. The products are set up in a bootstrap grid but they don't ever simplify positions into one column when the window gets smaller, as do other pages with the same view.

Thank you,

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