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[Closed] slow errors, the website is slow (backend and frontend)

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Hi, we are experiencing long loading times with the website, we tried to solve this issue with our hosting provider and they found that Views and Types are causing many slow errors. This is what they wrote me:

[Hosting provider message start]
After taking a look at the site and through the error logs, it looks like there are a few plugins that are throwing a high number of slow errors. Slow errors are processes that take longer than 5 seconds to complete, these errors can hog site resources and cause performance issues. Here is a list of the plugins that are causing the most issues:

Plugin name and the number of slow errors over the last 24 hours
wp-views: 2078
cred-frontend-editor: 1775
types: 1001
Since there are no errors showing the site maxing out resources, and the TTFB was so low in the GTMetrix report, it's most likely the plugins and these slow errors causing the issues. Would it be okay if we temporarily deactivated a few of these plugins throwing slow errors to see if that does the trick?
[Hosting provider message end]

We disabled cred and it looks like we had a little improvement, we can't anyway disable Views and Types since they are at the core of the project. Could you help me debug this errors?

Thank you,


Hi Nicola,

Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

To investigate if any of the Toolset plugins are causing any unnecessary or excessive queries, I'll need to test your website on a different server.

Can you please share a clone/snapshot of the website, in reply to this message?
( ref: )

Note: I've set your next reply as private and please also share some example pages where you're experiencing long loading times.



Thank you for sharing the admin access and the backup file.

The backup is huge (13.6GB) and it would be quite challenging to reach a conclusion if something only happens intermittently.

Slow loading times, but only for a specific period can be explained by:
- unusual high visitor traffic in that period, or
- if the server or some plugin performs some periodic maintenance tasks in the background

The admin access didn't allow me to view the list of activated plugins, however, this is what I'll recommend for the next time you experience slow loading speed:

1. You can temporarily turn on WordPress Debugging and see if any errors or warnings are logged in the error logs.
( ref: )

2. You can activate the "Query Monitor" plugin ( ) and see if you can find any suspicious queries, which can slow down the website.
( ref: hidden link )

This should help in getting started in the right direction and if you see anything related to Toolset plugins in the error log or the query monitor, please do let us know.

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