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[Resolved] Show repeatable Group with Oxygen Builder

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Tell us what you are trying to do?
I use Oxygen to create the template that shows the content of an artist card, I want to show artists who play in the same concert, for this I have created a repetition group. In Oxygen Builder I have been told that I should use toolset to collect that information and then include it in the Oxygen template.
From what I have seen in the documentation I must create a view and then integrate it into the Oxygen template, but I am not able to do it following the instructions. In some ocassions replace my Oxygen template for the custom post "Eventos"

Is there any documentation that you are following?

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?
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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

To display the repeating field group with the Oxygen builder, I suggest you should try to follow the following steps:

We do not suggest or recommend to use two boulders at a time oxygen and Toolset blocks to builds the view in block mode. This will not work or either have clash between two builders.

I suggest to create a view in legacy/classic mode (not using blocks). To create the classic view you must first enable the classic view editor by going to Toolset -> Settings and scroll to Editing Experience, then select the 3rd option.

Once you refresh the page you will now see Toolset -> Views, from there go to Toolset->Views and click on add new button to add a new view.

Under Content type select your Repeatable Field group. Also, make sure that the Don’t include current page in query result option is not selected.

Then, add a new Query Filter and select the Post relationship or repeatable field groups owner option. In the dialog that appears we need to select the relationship in question and The current post in the loop option. Click Save.

Once the Post relationship filter has been added , you can now scroll to the Loop Output and use the Loop wizard to start populating the view. Add things (custom fields etc..etc.,) whatever you want to display with view's loop editor section and save your view.

Then, to your oxygen builder, try to add the shortcode module and then try to add the view using view's shortcode:

[wpv-view name="your-view-slug"]

I hope the above information will help you to resolve your issue.


I don't know why not work

Toolset view hidden link
Artist event hidden link
Oxygen hidden link
Artist webpage hidden link



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Can you please share problem URL and admin access details as well as the link to your oxygen template.

*** Please make a FULL BACKUP of your database and website.***
I would also eventually need to request temporary access (WP-Admin) to your site. Preferably to a test site where the problem has been replicated if possible in order to be of better help and check if some configurations might need to be changed.

I have set the next reply to private which means only you and I have access to it.


I had to restore from a backup two days ago, I had lost sight of where the schedule is displayed. I have lost what I had done. I don't know if it's worth it to keep looking for a solution...



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Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

I suggest you should not look on the production site then and create a staging site and work there so you should not loose any thing.

You should first of all if not activated, activate the legacy view mode. Please check the following doc to activate the legacy view more.

Rather, here is a test site, you can login to it using the following auto-login link:
- hidden link

I've created a "Student" post type which has repeating field group added as "student info". Here is a test post "student one" where you can see the repeating field group has three entries:
hidden link

Now, to display it using the Oxygen builder, I've created the single post template using the Oxygen builder and created the following view:
- hidden link
-- You should notice that I've set the content selection to repeating field group name "student info"
-- Added the query filter as "post relationship or repeatable fields group owner" as:

Select items from the student info group that are related to the Post where this View is shown.

-- You can setup the view's loop editor with whatever content you would like to display.

The, to the Oxygen single template I've created to display the student post type, I've added the Rich text editor and added the view's shortcode as:
- hidden link

[wpv-view name='display-stud-info-rfg']

When I visit the frontend, I can see its displaying the correct repeating field group entries:
- hidden link

You should try to follow the same steps and I hope you will be able to display the repeating field group.

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