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[Resolved] Registering Users from the Front-end on Directory Sites

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Last updated by yoshihikoH 6 months, 1 week ago.

Assigned support staff: Shane.


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In order to register and manage my account, I created all the necessary pages according to the toolset manual.

・ Create an account page
・ Thank you for signing up! Page
・ My account page mode1, mode2
・ Edit profile page

I would like to control all the above pages under login control by clicking the "Login" menu.

In other words, when I click "Login", which is one of the main menus, "Login" changes to the account registrant name (for example, John), and I want to put all the above pages under John's control.

The main menu is as follows.
When "Login" is clicked, "Login" instantly changes to John. The image is as follows.

・my account
・ Profile editing
・ Logout

Here is the question.
The main menu "Login" and "Logout" are explained in the Toolset manual to use "Peter Login, Logout Plugin" to move to each page. I don't know how to use this plugin to display "Login" in the main menu.

Currently on my site, I can't put all pages under login control.

I would like to know how to enable login and logout management as described in the toolset manual.regard

Best regards,




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Hi Yoshihiko,

You can try using this plugin below to add your login/logout menu item.



Dear shane,

Thank you for your support.
Please check the attached 3 images (login-1.2.3).
It will be a screen transition to manage the toolset account.

As I understand according to the toolset manual, if I can put "Using forms to create an" Edit your profile "page" from "Creating Forms for Registering Users" under login control, toolset I think you can do much the same as what you actually do on the site.

However, with the plugin you taught me, you can put it under control, but it has the following problems:
1. 1. As shown in the attached images login-1 and login-2, it is difficult to transition to My Account Mode-1 at the stage of entering rogin.
2. When the user logs out, it will transition to WordPress logout. For users, it doesn't matter if this site is WordPress or not, so I want to log out just back to the home screen instead of this logout.

Is there a way to solve the above two points?




My issue is resolved now. Thank you!