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[Resolved] PHP 8 Compatability (CRED)

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Last updated by Nigel 1 year, 8 months ago.


I recently installed the plugin Query Monitor to check a few things on a site and whilst I've not been getting any debug.log errors about this, the plugin has identified deprecated PHP in these files:-

Error: Required parameter $lineno follows optional parameter $template
Line 55 in /cred-frontend-editor/application/controllers/notification-manager/queue.php
Line 23 in /types/vendor/toolset/toolset-common/lib/Twig/src/Node/IncludeNode.php
Line 26 in /types/vendor/toolset/toolset-common/lib/Twig/src/Node/Expression/BlockReferenceExpression.php

Error: Overriding function "__" that is already registered is deprecated since version 1.30 and won't be possible anymore in 2.0.
Line 35 in /types/vendor/toolset/toolset-common/lib/Twig/src/Extension/StagingExtension.php

I'm running Forms 2.6.13 (the latest).



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Hi there

The latest updates should have taken care of such notices, but it looks like a few slipped through the net.

I've shared the above details with the developers, we should be able to handle them in the next round of plugin updates.

Thanks for sharing.


hi Nigel

any time frame for the next updates??



Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+00:00)

It is a relatively minor round of fixes left-over from the last set of updates, so I would only expect it to take a few weeks overall, but I don't know more specifically than that.

In the meantime, the issue you reported has no impact on the functionality of your site.

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