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[Resolved] Layouts is Bugging Out with WordPress 5.6 Update

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The user was not able to edit or create a new layout after updating WordPress to 5.6.

This issue was fixed in a hotfix release. Update Toolset plugins to the latest release.

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Last updated by zacharyL 1 year, 11 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Jamal.


I updated WordPress on one of my sites where we use Toolset Layouts to manage the layouts for all of our post types and archives. Immediately ran into issues editing post types associated with a Layout, among other things. Here are a summary of issues we're having:

- Unable to edit pages. It would keep forwarding me to the layout editor for Pages
- Unable to edit Layouts. Keeps opening up a new tab to the layout editor
- Can't change post assignment of Layouts
- Interaction with the Layouts directory is inhibited

These issues still occur when all other plugins have been disabled, besides the Toolset plugins. I even disabled the Divi Integration plugin, with issues still prevalent.

I've dialed back the WordPress version, on staging so that I can continue to work on the site, but you're more than welcome to login and tinker. Alternatively, the Duplicator package has the updated WordPress version installed on it.



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Sorry, this is a known issue, where you need to update Layouts, but it is missing from the installer page, see

Again, sorry for the unnecessary inconvenience.


Thank you. The updated versions of your plugins worked. Turns out I needed to update Views as well, since it hasn't been updated since it got removed from the updater.

Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE just have these plugins put back into the updater if they are still receiving updates? It's so inconvenient to have to do it manually like this. You could even add a suffix to the plugins to identify them as "Legacy", so your users won't get confused on what plugins they should have.



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Hello Zachary,

We are working on the installer update to make the legacy plugins also available. Unfortunately, I can't tell when this will be done, and we may need another manual update to have the latest version supporting the legacy plugins update.

Please keep an eye on our blog and our newsletter email for the announcement.

Best regards,


It looks as they were added to the updater in the interim. Rather quickly actually.

I was able to update both Layouts and Views, along with WordPress 5.6, without issue. Thanks for your time.