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Back-end links and actions unexpectedly redirecting to create new Layout with WordPress 5.6


Resolved in: Layouts 2.6.7


On existing sites using Layouts you may find after updating to WordPress 5.6 in the backend that links or actions such as saving posts unexpectedly redirect to the add new Layout page, creating a new Layout.

This occurs with older versions of Layouts (current version for WordPress 5.6 compatibility is 2.6.7).

As a legacy plugin Layouts is currently missing from the custom Toolset installer page, and so you will not see update notices for Layouts.


Manually update Layouts with the latest version available at

Download the zip file, then upload it to the Add New Plugins page of your site (where it will overwrite the existing version).

If you have problems accessing your plugins page (because of the issue described above), you may need to remove the previous version using FTP (or simply rename its folder to de-activate it).

You may need to clear your browser cache if still seeing the issue after updating, and if using any JS optimisation plugins, temporarily disable those.

The custom Installer has been updated to re-instate Layouts so you should now receive update notices for Layouts (as well as Views).

10 thought on Back-end links and actions unexpectedly redirecting to create new Layout with WordPress 5.6

  • (1) How was I supposed to know there were crucial updates to those plugins?
    (2) I had no idea they were now “Legacy”.
    (3) Those plugins are massive in size!
    (4) I’ve never used Layouts, but figured out that without it installed and enabled, the other plugins would not work correctly.
    (5) This is a huge pain.

  • This whole process took hours, since the plugins are so huge and everything had to be done via FTP. But I finally have everything back in working condition. I really would have liked to know ahead of time that the WP update was going to break the Toolset plugins I’ve been depending on for years.

    • I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, this did not go well. Layouts was updated to be compatible with WordPress 5.6, but is missing from the list of plugins in the installer page so that you would not have received an update notice. We are working to rectify that now, but I realise it is too late to help you. You say that you’ve never used Layouts but need it for the other plugins to work correctly. That doesn’t sound right, if you are not using Layouts it shouldn’t have any effect, but if these are old sites then maybe they are using the Toolset Starter Theme, when I guess it could.

      • Thanks, Nigel. Stuff happens! Re the Layouts plugin: when I first got my site all set up using Views and Types, and realized I didn’t need to use Layouts, I deactivated it. But then immediately something failed with Views and Types. I re-activated Layouts, and immediately everything was fine. So I keep it installed and activated. (I’m not using using a Toolset theme.) Also, for this update, it didn’t work to overwrite the plugins as directed — it just kept hanging. I had to delete them first. I any case, I think my sites are OK now.

  • I’m getting all kinds of errors since the update, I can’t update any layouts without the interface going crazy. I’ve utilized the workaround to no avail and I have a delivery due for the client tomorrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Matt, if after updating you are still seeing the issues it is almost certainly because of JS files cached by your browser. Please clear the browser cache, that should fix it. (You should be able to confirm that is the issue by checking with a browser you do not normally use.)

  • I manually updated the Layouts plugin and now I can get in to edit a layout but now it trys to delete the layout instead of update.

    • You are sure you have cleared the browser cache? If so and you have this problem it sounds slightly different, please open a forum thread and a supporter will follow up. We’ll likely need access to your site, so it would expedite things if you include credentials.

  • Hi,
    since I updated to WP 5.6, each time I modified a page, it loose is layout dependencies and give me a blank page. (Layout 2.6.7)

    • Can you first be sure to have cleared the browser cache and try again, and if you still see this issue, please create a support thread in the forum and someone will be able to help you.

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