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[Resolved] Include caption with image field type

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I want to:
Add captions to multiple images in CRED (entry & edit).
The display using Views

I visited this URL:

This shows how to display (seems very complex), but doesn't cover adding images with CRED.
The CRED needs to be easy so non-tech people can complete form with multiple images and relevant captions.



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Hi McCarthy

Thanks for the feedback

There are two requests here, one about being able to display advanced data for image fields, like captions, with Views, and the other one is about setting that data with CRED forms.

The first part, displaying captions, descriptions and other data from an image field using Views, is under discussion now and we are trying to find the best way to do so. Images, and attachments in general, are a little tricky to work with because ther store that data in particular ways, so getting the data is not always that easy to do. But as I said we are trying to find the best solution to this already.

The second part is a little even more complex. By now, CRED forms uses a custom upload mechanism, not the WordPress upload one, because of some security reasons that we might review and update in the future. With the current script, we use the native browser file selector, so you just select the file and it gets uploaded and attached to the relevant post, but no further data can be edited for that file. As part of the revision to see whether we can use the native WordPress file uploader, we would like to include control for the title, description ,caption and all the other fields, but again this is not an easy task. So although this specific request was not in out list yet, it was as a happy outcome for a broader task we already have listed.

I know that I am not providing a solution for right now, but those will be managed as feature requests and evaluated for a later inclusion on the plugins. I can not say if or when those will be implemented, of course, but the good news is that we are already aware of those limitations.