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[Resolved] I need the Layouts Genesis Plugin. I am unable to find it in my downloads.

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Last updated by Nigel 6 years, 3 months ago.

Assisted by: Nigel.


I need the Layouts Genesis Plugin for integrating Genesis with Layouts. I am unable to find the plugins in my Downloads backend. Without this plugin, Genesis does not work properly with Toolset, especially layouts. None of the Genesis modules like Genesis Site Title and Genesis Breadcrumbs etc. are present for me to use in a layout.

I have an old version of the plugin which I have been using because the plugin has disappeared from the download backend from sometime now. But the old version doesn't work with the new plugins anymore. I need the latest version of the plugin. Please tell me where I can download it.



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Hi Rahul

As we no longer encourage users to use the integration plugin for full Layouts integration we moved them to a different page to avoid new users seeing them and assuming they needed to install them.

They are now located here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Nigel,
Thanks for the prompt reply. Without the integration plugin, all those really nice Genesis integrations don't work with Layouts, like Genesis Site Title, Genesis Breadcrumbs (super important), Genesis Menu, Genesis Post Navigation etc. Other genesis modules may not be that important, but these four are extremely useful and a must to have in order to use Genesis with Layouts perfectly. I don't know of any easier way to add Breadcrumbs easily to any page without using the Genesis Breadcrumb module.

I had seen the blog post where it was announced that layouts now has full integration with genesis, but without those features, it doesn't seem like a complete integration as major module that was already present and worked great isn't present anymore. Is there some other workaround or way to add those features back?



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Hi Rahul

The integration plugin still works and the Genesis cells are still available.

The plans for Layouts changed markedly this year and I know this had led to quite a bit of confusion, so let me try and clear that up for you know.

If you were using the Genesis integration plugin then you are familiar with how Layouts used to work. The theme need to be integrated (manually or with one of our integration plugins), and Layouts took control of rendering the entire page, including the header and footer.

This was overly complex for the majority of our clients, so the decision was made to shift the focus so that Layouts worked like other page builders and was only used to design the content area of the page, with the header and footer etc. generated by the theme. Special integration is no longer required, and Layouts will work with most themes in this way out-of-the-box. In the latest release we added theme options which give back some control over the header, footer etc. which was lost with this change.

Although this is now the recommended way of using Layouts, the old way still works. So if you are using a Genesis theme and add the Genesis integration plugin you will find that you still have control over the whole page and that the special Genesis cells, such as the breadcrumbs cell, are still available.

These integration plugins will no longer be actively developed, but will be maintained as required to ensure continued compatibility with new versions of Layouts.

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