Genesis theme and Toolset plugins work great together. Since Genesis is custom types ready you can customize its options for each template you design, including custom post types and archive pages.

What to install

The basic setup will include:

  • The Genesis theme
  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Views
  • Toolset Layouts

Depending on the kind of site you want to build, you will need additional Toolset components.

How to use Genesis to build sites with custom types

Genesis is a secure, fast, reliable, and SEO-friendly theme framework. In combination with one of the numerous Genesis child themes, it provides you with convenient controls over the overall styling and page layout. This is why you will want to use Genesis for:

  • Overall design and typography
  • Header and footer areas
  • Menus

Genesis is custom types ready which means you can control different theme features for each of the post types in your sites, separately. For example, your site’s standard Posts can feature a sidebar but the custom Events posts can stretch to the full page width, without one.

Besides this, Toolset allows you to:

  • Set up custom types, taxonomies, and fields.
  • Create custom searches and allow users to search the content based on multiple parameters.
  • Create front-end forms for content submission and user registration.

And much more.

For inspiration, this is how a complete page looks like with the Genesis theme and our sample design:

A custom traveling site built with Toolset and Genesis
A custom traveling site built with Toolset and Genesis

How to design the “interior” with Toolset

Now, you can start creating your own custom types templates with Toolset. As mentioned above, Toolset plugins let you do a lot.

If you’re new to Toolset, we recommend following the getting started guide.

Controlling Genesis theme options for templates and archives

To design your templates and archive pages, we recommend using Toolset Layouts drag-and-drop editor.

When editing a layout there is a Theme Options section towards the bottom of the page. Use it to control the theme options for the layout you are editing. Each layout has its own, separate settings for Genesis. This gives you great flexibility in designing how your custom post types look on the front-end.

Controlling Genesis theme options for each layout individually
Controlling Genesis theme options for each layout individually

Please note that theme options for custom post types will not appear on the Appearance -> Customize page. For custom post types, they are editable only using Toolset.

Use Genesis with WooCommerce

Using Toolset and Genesis together, you can easily design custom templates for single WooCommerce Products and the Product Listing pages.

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about developing custom WooCommerce sites with Toolset or follow our tutorial about creating a template for your single Products.

A custom WooCommerce site built with Toolset and Genesis
A custom WooCommerce site built with Toolset and Genesis

Important Toolset settings

By default, Toolset will use the correct settings and you don’t need to make any change. If you are moving to Genesis from a different theme or are updating an existing site, make sure that the following are set:

On the Toolset -> Settings page, click the General tab. There, under the Bootstrap loading section, select the Toolset should load Bootstrap 3.0 option.
When editing layouts, make sure that all rows are set to Row as wide as post content.