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[Resolved] How to expire users that are registered with payment formula (CRED registration)

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Last updated by Juan 6 years, 4 months ago.

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I am trying to combine this logic:
With this:

To provide a true membership site I need:

1. Users to pay to register (is possible) and then let their membership be active for one year (just like it's possible for Post Forms). After that year their account should "expire".

2. Also they should receive an email notification warning about the expiration date (just like it's possible for Post Forms) so they can...

3. Easily renew their account with a User Edit Form (also connected to Woocommerce product and expiration after 1 year).

How can I do all this with Toolset?

Thank you.


Luo Yang

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Dear S1,

Unfortunately, there isn't such a feature within CRED, please check our document:
After the payment completes, the new user is registered in the site.
Finally, after payment is completed, the order is marked as Complete and the user is registered in the site.

If you agree, we can take it as a feature request. thanks



Yes, please take it as a feature request. It's the missing link for true membership sites via Toolset.

(Next to recurring billing of course, which is also something I'd love to see for CRED-commerce-enabled-posts.)


Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

Thanks, I reassign this thread to our developer.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+01:00)

Hi there

This is Juan, lead Toolset developer. Thanks for your feedback.

We already have some requests about improving our notifications and expiration system for posts, to transform it into something more powerful and flexible, enabling recurring billing (by enabling recurring expirations), so your suggestion to extend this to users managements sounds not only right but natural.

I am creating a ticket for this in our internal system, so we can evaluate and eventually add this to a future development cycle. Please note that this is a complex and big feature (involves several changes in how things work as well as in how things are presented for editing), so I can not make any statement about timing or when this will be available, in case this gets implemented. But as I said it makes a lot of sense, so at least we will consider this very seriously for sure.

Thanks again for the feedback.




Hi Juan,

I understand this is a big feature and it will take some time to develop. In any case, I truly believe this functionality is the 'holy grail' to make toolset an even more useful product.

Many thanks for taking this seriously, looking forward to the future development.

For now I do following work-a-rounds:
- For user expiration a simple function checking for registration date and after x time reverting the user role to a lower role. Then they can renew manually (via cred-commerce user-form).
- For post renewal: I just show the edit button for a post linking to a cred-commerce edit-post-form when it's expired. And also use the hook for expired posts to lower the level.

Maybe this 'thinking' helps you in automating this.

Good luck.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+01:00)

Hi there.

Sure, it helps a lot. At leats it is a starting point and we can learn about the mechanisms that you are using.

Thanks again.