[Closed] How to create a calendar to show events.

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Thank you Christian.

So, Francisco, I don't know what is wrong, but the calendar is not displayed...
So, I'm creating a new Events page using toolset block plugin and Gutenberg and divided the page into three columns. And the calendar shortcode (block module) is added in the third column, here the url of the page, there is only a button on the left (first) column, here the url hidden link

What is wrong?


url is hidden, i cannot see any page so , problem is not the page, you need to put bit of php codes in plugin folder. you have to add code to js editor. do have a development site or email add.

the calendar will load the days if it finds this ajax dayloader "hidden/wp-content/plugins/hb-shortcodes/hg-days-sql.php",
, so you still dont have that.


Thank you for your reply.
So, seen in my FTP /wp-content/plugins/ folder, I don't have any folder called hb-shortcodes/... where I can download this plugin?
I'm searchin' on google "hb-shortcodes WordPress" but there are any results I need...


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Happy holidays to you!!!


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hidden link
download hb-sql txt files and change .txt to .php.
replace wpcf-start-date with data-inizio assuming data-inizio is custom field and you want to get the Unix timestamp of this field.
create hb-shortcodes folder in plugins .


Thank you Fanciscos,
I will try this soon!!!



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Hi Francesco,

Christian, is currently out today but will be back tomorrow to continue to help you resolve this issue.



Hi Francicos,
Here it need to insert my database account access values?

$servername = "travel2";
$username = "";
$password = "";
$dbname = "";


I have inserted the database access values,
I have replaced the start date value into the two files and I have changed the extension from txt to PHP.
I have added the two PHP files and the src folder into the hb-shortcodes folder, and with FileZilla, I have copied the hb-shortcodes folder into /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
I have added the custom CSS code of the calendar.css file into the WordPress custom CSS section.
Now I cannot find the plugin to activate it into the WordPress plugins section. And then I cannot see the calendar on the front page site...
What is wrong?


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