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The Elegant Team are introduced Dynamic Content to Divi (a new feature that releases on October 11, 2018), see link below:
(hidden link)
a much-anticipated feature that allows you to turn any Divi module into a dynamic element that pulls its dynamic content from the database via post meta, custom fields and more, but I can't see any of my custom fields created by Toolset, ONLY Advanced Custom Fields is working.

Please contact The Elegant Team to solve this IMPORTANT problem

I made the following ticket but it's not solved.




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Christian elaborated that the fields can be seen and used, which you confirmed, I am surprised that it does not work?
Do you mean to integrate them more?

Then I recommend to as well raise the issue in DIVI's support, as we do store our Custom Fields as native WordPress fields and if those can be used on DIVI modules, so can ours, however, of course, format limits are expected, as Christian explained

Could you let me know precisely what you would like to have differently?
More options to output those fields in DIVI modules in certain formats?


Thanks for the response..

I found the problem, Dynamic Content to Divi works ONLY in Divi Visual Builder and any post type created by Toolset Type isn't work in Divi Visual Builder.




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I cannot see any data but the native WordPress data in that dynamic content, I do not think DIVI intends this to work with other custom data.
Note that to test this, I used the Visual (Front End) builder, which is not the suggested way to use DIVI on Toolset, but even then, I cannot see any Toolset data there or for that is, custom meta registered manually with PHP.

I think this needs to be clarified with DIVI first:
- do those dynamic contents pull only WordPress native data, or are they supposed to pull eventual custom data as well?
- if so, how?

To use Toolset Data, you need to use our ShortCodes. That is the exact same as DIVI's Dynamic Data, but instead of only native WordPress data, you will be able to show anything you want.

Please let me know if I miss some details, thanks



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I made a mistake.

1. DIVI dynamic options do work with Toolset Meta, and other custom meta, just fine
2. They do only work for Meta saved on the "current" post you edit with DIVI.

So that means, even if you remove Toolset, you can only call Custom Fields of the CURRENT post (so, the current post MUST have those fields values saved) with the dynamic content.
You can not call dynamic content (meta fields) of fields that are not saved on that post, it seems

Content Templates are applied to several posts a time, which may not yet have a field saved at all.
Further, as you mention, the feature is available only on DIVI's front end, so to integrate with Toolset. the feature must be available on the backend as well.
Otherwise, it cannot work in Content Templates, for example.

This would not be different from other templating plugins.

I think it is useful to ask DIVI to provide this in the backend, and I will create a task for our DEV to evaluate what we can do about right now.



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We bespoke this with our DEV's and Divi’s dynamic data feature only works in the front-end page builder, and when editing Views Content Templates the back-end page builder is used.

We can update this so that the front-end editor can be used but it would require more cooperation from Divi.

I recommend contacting Divi support about this so that once enough users request this feature from DIVI as well, hopefully, we can cooperate and adjust/solve this together.