[Resolved] Does WP Toolset integrate with any CSS styler like Microthemer or CSS Hero?

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I'm looking for a way to visually style the elements created by WP Toolset such as using CSS Hero or Microthemer. I see one post on this quite some time ago. Wondering if there is any other updates or if there has been any official integration with anything of the sort?

Here is the previous post I found:



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Hi Dave

There are no specific integrations between Toolset and microthemer or CSS Hero.

But given that these plugins essentially give you a user-friendly UI for generating the CSS rules that you would otherwise have to hand-code there doesn't seem to be a reason why they wouldn't work.

I tested microthemer (which has a free version) and, as well as finding it a really nice tool to work with, found that after watching the intro video about how it works, I was able to easily change the styling for a CRED form inserted on a page, and for those changes to be reflected in other CRED forms on other pages.

So, it appears to work. If you can narrow down the selector required to target an element (or groups of elements) then I think you should be able to use microthemer, at least, though you may find issues if you are pushing it further than I did in my simple tests.


Thanks Nigel! I'll let you know if I run into any issues and any workarounds I might find.

Can I ask that this be added as a feature request? Similar to how there are theme integrations?

My thought would be that there could be an integration that would automatically place the CSS in the right place within the WP Toolset rather than adding another location to store CSS (in the plugin - e.g. Microthemer).


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