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[Resolved] Displaying Posts as Carousel With Same Effect as Toolset Slider Block

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Last updated by JoelK2744 3 years, 4 months ago.

Assisted by: Christian Cox.


I would like to be able to display posts as a carousel, I've looked at the documentation here - - but I would like the effect to more similar to the Toolset image slider block where you can swipe/glide through the images and there are arrows overlaid. Is this possible?


Hello, there's nothing built-in to Blocks that would achieve the overlaid arrows you've described, but there are some pre-built modules available for Toolset Module Manager that achieve a similar effect. For example:
The testimonials slider module is probably the closest to what you've described, but the demo uses a fade transition instead of a slide transition. You could modify that effect in the View settings to achieve a slide instead. Would that work for your needs?


Thanks for getting back to me. Is there any way of implementing the glide/swipe effect with these? On the image gallery you can swipe on mobile to get to the next image, it would be great if this could be utilised for a view.

Thanks again


The Member module is set up for swipe by default, but the Testimonials slider is not. By default the Testimonials module is configured to use a fade effect to transition between slides. I'm trying to get some additional information from the team to see if the Testimonials module can be configured to use a slide effect with swiping, I'll let you know what I find out.


Thanks Christian, I'll await your response. I noticed the Toolset Image Slider block applies classes like "glide__slides" "glide--swipeable" etc.

This is the kind of thing I'm looking to replicate in case it helps - hidden link - see the first example.



This is the kind of thing I'm looking to replicate in case it helps - hidden link - see the first example.
I see the example you've provided. Some of this functionality is available in the modules I shared, but some is not. For instance, your example shows 2 posts at a time, but the swipe/pagination function paginates one post at a time. That's not currently possible in any of our available modules or in Views either, without a considerable amount of custom JavaScript. The Member module I shared shows how the module's pagination works with swiping. You can test it by visiting this demo on a mobile device:

I imported the Member module into a sandbox site at so we can collaborate on a live setup if you'd like. You can create a free account at using the same email address linked to your account here, and I can invite you into the wp-admin area to see how it's set up and configurable. Here's the demo you can visit on a mobile device to see swiping in effect:

There seems to be a bug preventing me from importing the Testimonials Three Column slider module right now, and I've asked our developers to take a look at it. Until I can get that resolved, the Testimonials Three Cell Slider module is not available for use anyway, so you would have to recreate this functionality in Views. It would be set up very similar to the Member module above, with the main difference being the number of posts per page and the arrow pagination.


That's great, thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it. That's given me something to work with.

I was hoping there may be a way of utilising the Javascript used from the Image Slider Block with a View Slider but it sounds like it's going to require something a bit more custom, so perhaps it's more of a feature request for the future.

Thanks again.

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