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[Resolved] Create a Hero SLIDER

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Setup sliders with customized settings.


You might consider to use custom HTML/CSS/JS codes to setup such kind of slider, for example:

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Tell us what you are trying to do?

howdy, i have been looking for a solution but none of the options i have found seem to do it all.
1) I have 3 custom post types
2) in the top (hero) area of my homepage i want to display a slider, which has a unique image (background or normal) for each post type, a header/tagline for each post type and three buttons, arranged uniquely for each post type being displayed (ie the slide for the post type currently being displayed would have the link button for that post type in the center)
3) I have looked at doing as a Hero image like shown in the videos, but that is a single static background image. Is great for placing text and buttons, but no option to rotate whats displayed.
4) I looked at various options to do as a normal image slider, both the toolset one and the advanced gallery from the kadence blocks plugin, but although with the kadence blocks one i have more options for displaying the caption, with both options the ability to add custom text or buttons is missing.
5) I looked at doing it as a VIEW, but since i want to highlight and link to the overall POST TYPES available, and NOT individual posts within one or all post types, this option doesnt seem to work either....... I had hoped that if I could add a tagline as the "description" for the post type on the edit post type page AND somehow a general "image" for each post type (there IS an option to add an icon for a post type but not an image?) that maybe then i could make it work.

6) the only option that came to mind for me to achieve this, and thats why im asking here before i go this route and make things more complicated than they had to be, is to basically create a NEW post type (lets call it "Post type Categories") and create 3 posts in that new post type, one for each of my post types, and add an image and slogan as custom fields..... then i should be able to use a view for this unnecessary and "extra" post type to display what i want for my ACTUAL post types. I wanted to avoid going this route since it involves a otherwise unused and unnecessary post type, which wordpress will automatically also make an archive for, but if there is no other easy way to achieve this then i guess i will have to go this route....



I assume we are talking about such kind of sliders:
- There are three slider items in this sliders
- Each slider corresponds to one post type,
- Each slider display different background image
- Each slider display a button, link to one part of same page

If it is, there isn't such kind of built-in feature within Toolset plugins, there are two kinds of sliders within Toolset Blocks plugin
- Sliders in view block, which is for display multiple posts
- Sliders for repeating image field, which is for display items of repeating image field

In your case, you might consider to use custom HTML/CSS/JS codes to setup such kind of slider, for example:
hidden link

For the button link, you can try HTML anchor link:
hidden link



thanks for the quick answer and reply. i didnt think it would matter WHERE the buttons linked to but, if it makes a difference/opens up options, the buttons would actually link to the ARCHIVE page for each of the displayed post types.....

will look at your 3rd party options, thanks. but does my original "workaround", ie a NEW post type that basically a "post" representing each "normal" post type and doing a view of them work? but then i HAVE to have an archive for this extra post type too dont i?

update: decided to to with a 3rd party plugin, had wanted to make sure wasnt a built in way to achieve this before installing yet another plugin but options have been clarified and a 3rd party plugin to do it is better than the new post type route..... thanks for the info!



My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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