[Resolved] An error when creating a relationship

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Problem: When trying to create a Post Relationship with Toolset Types, I receive an error at the end of the wizard: An error when creating a relationship "relationship name": No relationship with slug "relationship-slug" was found."

Solution: It is possible that your database for unknown reasons did not get the required Database tables added that are required by Types for this to work. Please contact our support and refer to this ticket, if you suspect this is the case.

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Thank you Beda. I am waiting, no problem.
have a nice weekend.



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You can now proceed and create new Relationships.

Please let me know if any issue happens.


Beda hi,

thank you very much. I checked it, there isn't any problem.
and i've created my first and only post relationship without any issue.
I have just one additional question. is it normal to have six different field groups when i've only created one post relationship (many to many post relationship) ?

thank you.



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If you did not create those or do not expect them to be there, it might be that when you created those previous relationships, you added Fields to the relationship? This is possible during the process.

The problem is you can't delete those in Toolset > Custom Fields like all other fields, these fields can only be edited in the actual relationship Wizard, for which the relationships were deleted as faulty.

But this time we're lucky, you do not need any Database edit.
You can navigate to Toolset > Custom Fields > Custom Fields Control (direct link /wp-admin/admin.php?page=types-field-control&domain=posts), and there, delete the fields you do not want anymore.
Be careful with this as it is a final operation, not recoverable.

Please let me know if this helps.


Beda thank you so much for your help. Everything works fine.