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[Resolved] after site updates

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Last updated by martinP-13 2 years, 1 month ago.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.


im currently updating my old site and have run into a few issues after updates

my old site here hidden link you will see

1st place dog .

on my new site that as toolset updates and wordpress i have the following issue

hidden link

it has errors and is not loading the 1st place dog.

if i load an equivalant page where there is no entry for 1st place dog like this one the page loads fine

hidden link

to load the 1st place dog uses this view here
hidden link

the view is as follows

<div class="special-row-item-11">
<h1 style="text-align: center;">[types field='dog-appearance-position'][/types]</h1>
[wpv-conditional if="( $(wpcf-dog-appearance-position).id(dog-appearance) eq '3' )"][wpv-view name="view-for-no-1st-place"][/wpv-conditional]
[wpv-conditional if="( $(wpcf-dog-appearance-position).id(dog-appearance) ne '3' )"]
<h2><span style="color:red">[types field='dogs-awards' separator=', ' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent'][/types] </span>

[wpv-view name="view-to-show-affix-in-results-on-single-event-page" wpvrelatedto="[wpv-post-id item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent']"]
<span class="uppercase">[wpv-post-link item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent']</span></h2>

[types field='dogs-breed' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent'][/types] : [types field='dog-sex' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent'][/types] : [types field='dogs-dob' style='text' format='F j Y' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent'][/types] <hr>

Owner: [wpv-view name="view-to-show-person-in-results-of-an-event-on-single-event-page-1" wpvrelatedto="[wpv-post-id item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent']" role="Owner"]<hr>
Handler: [wpv-view name="view-to-show-person-in-results-of-an-event-on-single-event-page-1" wpvrelatedto="[wpv-post-id item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent']" role="Handler"]<hr>
Breeder: [wpv-view name="view-to-show-breeder-in-results-of-an-event-on-single-event-page" wpvrelatedto="[wpv-post-id item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent']" role="Breeder"] <hr>

Sire: [wpv-view name="View-to-show-dogs-related-sire-and-dam-single-event-page-dogs-results" ids="[types field='sire-of-dog' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent' output='raw'][/types]"]<hr>

Dam: [wpv-view name="View-to-show-dogs-related-sire-and-dam-single-event-page-dogs-results" ids="[types field='dam-of-dog' item='@dog-dog-appearance.parent' output='raw'][/types]"]<br>[/wpv-conditional]

if i remove the lines at the top

[wpv-conditional if="( $(wpcf-dog-appearance-position).id(dog-appearance) eq '3' )"][wpv-view name="view-for-no-1st-place"][/wpv-conditional]
[wpv-conditional if="( $(wpcf-dog-appearance-position).id(dog-appearance) ne '3' )"]

hidden link
this page now loads

however i need those conditions working,
you can login using toolset and toolset to see the pages as they are member pages
could you please assist?
many thanks

i can give login details if you set a private reply thanks



It is same issue as your another thread, please check the answer here:


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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