Sometimes, you need to import the content of an entire site into WordPress. The best way to do this is using a CSV file.

There are three plugins you can use:

Check the comparison table below for most important differences between these three plugins.

WordPress Ultimate CSV ImporterCSV Importer pluginWP All Import – Toolset Types Add-On plugin
 PriceFree for importing posts and WordPress custom fields

$99 for importing Types custom fields

 FreeFree when in beta. When the beta period ends, updates to the beta will stop and you will need to purchase the add-on for $69 to receive future updates.
 Last updated updated on regular basis 4 years ago updated on regular basis
 Support for repeating fields yes no no yet, coming soon
 Support for checkboxes yes no yes
 Support for the Skype field basic (only the skype nick) no not yet, coming soon
 Support for post relationships yes no yes
 Support for repeatable field groups yes no no yet, coming soon
Link to documentationHow to use Toolset and WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer ProHow to use Toolset and CSV ImporterHow to import data from a CSV file using the WP All Import – Toolset Types Add-On plugin
Link to the plugin pageWordPress Ultimate CSV Importer ProCSV Importer at wordpress.orgWP All Import