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Importing repeatable field groups when using the CSV Importer plugin in WordPress

The process of importing repeatable field groups follows the same logic that is described in How to import data from a CSV file using the WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer plugin. You only need to make sure that the data in CSV file is properly formatted. Refer to our Preparing the CSV file page for general guidelines.

When preparing the CSV file for importing repeatable field groups, make sure to have the following:

  1. Parent_Group column with values coming from the name of the group of custom fields.
  2. A column with the slug of the repeatable group.
  3. A column for each field that is a part of the repeatable group.

Make sure to use pipeline characters (|) as separators for values of repeatable group names and group fields.

The following image shows an example of a CSV and the related custom field group, with column names and field values.

An example of a CSV file with the corresponding field group
An example of a CSV file with the corresponding field group

After you finish importing the data make sure that you map all the fields correctly.

Mapping fields
Mapping fields