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Customizing the WooCommerce My Account page

WooCommerce creates the “My Account” page automatically. Toolset allows you to expand this page with any additional content.

When you open it for editing, you will see a block with the woocommerce_my_account shortcode. The shortcode renders the account dashboard where you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses, etc.

You can add any blocks before and after the woocommerce_my_account shortcode. For example, you can add:

  • Toolset blocks
  • WooCommerce blocks
  • WordPress blocks
  • Blocks from 3rd-party plugins

or any combination of those.

Next, you can use the Toolset Conditional block to hide these additional elements from visitors so that only logged-in Customers can see them.

If you would like to customize the account dashboard itself (the output generated by WooCommerce), feel free to use solutions such as the Custom My Account for Woocommerce plugin.

Adding Toolset Blocks to the WooCommerce My Account Page

Learn how to add Toolset blocks before or after the main account dashboard content.