Toolset 1.6.4 – Compatibility with WordPress 6.1 and Bug Fixes


December 14, 2022

We just released Toolset 1.6.4 with compatibility fixes for WordPress 6.1. It updates all major Toolset plugins and fixes some other bugs as well.

WordPress 6.1 was released in November and introduced some breaking changes with third-party plugins. In Toolset, the most notable issue was with the Fields and Text block which completely broke in the Block Editor.

Toolset 1.6.4 fixes this and some other issues to make Toolset fully compatible with WordPress 6.1.

Please note that last month, we released Types 3.4.17 with fixes for various issues.

Fixes and Improvements

Views 3.6.5 and Blocks 1.6.5

  • Fixed an issue that broke the Fields and Text block when using WordPress version 6.1 or newer.
  • Improved the post title shortcode with a new output mode.
  • Fixed an issue with an infinite loop that occurred when adding a pagination block inside a View block.
  • Fixed an issue with the View block’s wizard icons when using WordPress version 6.1 or newer.

Forms 2.6.14

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.

Maps 2.0.13

  • Improved the accessibility of the distance filter.

Access 2.8.15

  • Improved the management of capabilities for post types to avoid conflicts with third-party custom capabilities.

Layouts 2.6.12

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.
  • Improved the mechanism to import data by deleting no longer needed files.

WooCommerce Blocks 3.1.4

  • Fixed various compatibility issues with the Customizer page.

Forms Commerce 1.8.5

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.
  • Fixed various issues on the Checkout and Thank-You pages.

Download and Update

We release Toolset updates gradually and you might not see this update in the admin right away.

To get it without waiting, go to the Plugins Add New page and click the Commercial tab. There, click the Check for updates button, select the plugins you want, and click to update them.

Feedback? Questions?

For any questions and thoughts, use the comments below and we’ll reply!


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  1. Hi, not able to update, tried manually as well but does not work… would be nice to get this as we have a client site down.

    • Hi, Sean! Can you please try manually downloading the plugins? Log into your Toolset account, go to the Downloads page, and click Download Toolset Manually at the bottom. You will see the whole list of Toolset plugins with all these new versions available.

  2. Maybe it is just me, but I find it confusing that Toolset Blocks is called Toolset, i.e. this release is Toolset 1.6.4. To me, Toolset refers to the suite of all the Toolset plugins. It took me a bit to confirm what was actually updated and what I should apply.

    • Hi, Peter! Allow me to explain… The plugin itself is called Toolset Blocks and if we released an update only for it, the announcement would say Toolset Blocks 1.6.4. However, when we release an update like this one, which includes all Toolset plugins, how do we call it? We decided to call such updates simply Toolset and use the version number coming from the Toolset Blocks plugin which in a way is the centerpiece of Toolset.

      This is also why in the newsletter and this announcement I mention that this release updates all Toolset plugins. I will make sure to bold it next time to make it really clear.

      If you have any other ideas on how to announce and call releases that involve all Toolset plugins, we’d be happy to consider them. Thank you!

  3. Hey, was excited to see if this updated resolves the various deprecation notices I get when using PHP 8.1, we’re about to start moving sites from 7.4 and would really rather jump straight to 8.1…

    But… I don’t seem to have these new versions available…?

    All my sites are showing I have the latest version for Views with 3.6.3, Blocks is also showing 1.6.3… What am I missing>?

    • Hi, Dominic! Sorry for that… If you look at the top of this announcement, you’ll see a yellow notice about this. We found an important issue in the Toolset YouTube block. We have a fix ready and are hoping to resume the release today already.

      Please check again here today in a few hours or even better tomorrow morning. Also, once we resume the roll-out please remember that we release updates gradually. To get it immediately, you have to check for updates manually. Go to the Plugins → Add New page and click the Commercial tab. There, click the Check for updates button, select the plugins you want, and click to update them.

      Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

      • Ah yes, did not re-read the post. Saw it yesterday and was back today to see if they were available yet!

        • Hi, Dominic! We just restarted the roll-out of the new Toolset updates. I just tested myself and you should be able to see the new versions from the Plugins > Add New > Commercial page, and from your account page on

          Let me know if you need anything else!

          • Yeah, got it. Still getting loads of deprecation warnings on PHP8.1. Is this worth raising a ticket / posting in the support forum for?

            They all come from:
            – wp-views/embedded/inc/wpv-settings.class.php
            – types/vendor/toolset/toolset-common/inc/toolset.settings.class.php

            Looks like the same 4 warnings from each actually.

  4. Hello – after this update, pictures inserted as media into new posts are not connecting with the attachment page. “This is embarrassing” is the notice.
    This is very disappointing and frustrating.
    Any feedback?
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Bonita! Can you please clarify, do you mean pictures inserted using the Toolset Image block? We’ll look into this on Monday, first thing. Thank you for reporting this and for your patience.

    • Hi again, Bonita! I just tried replicating this but I cannot reproduce this issue. Can you please share a bit more information with steps on how to reproduce this? Thank you!

  5. Hi Dario
    Thank you for our reply and your efforts. I texted my reply 2 days ago but did not click on the link first, so my reply went into the ether. Should I ever have an issue again, I will wait several hours to make sure the issue continues to exist, as in this case it resolved itself. Not sure what the root cause was, and it must have been a coincidence that it occurred after an update. Thank you again, and consider this issue resolved. By the way, I have been using Types and Views since 2012 and greatly appreciate the program and how active the support has been.

    • Hi, Bonita! Thanks a lot for your reply, I’m glad to hear the issue resolved itself. 🙂 If it ever reappears, it’s best to report it to our Support and we’ll take a look.

      Also, I’m really happy to hear you’re enjoying Toolset for such a long time. 🙂

      I wish you nice holidays and a happy New Year!