Upcoming Event: Web Design Summit 2022, Hosted by OceanWP

August 22, 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes “good design” on the web? OceanWP, one of Toolset’s theme partners, will be hosting a webinar on September 7th to explore the topic. The online summit will feature talks by industry experts and hands-on workshops for WordPress site designers.

If you want to build a site that converts viewers into paying customers, it helps to have a site that looks great. That’s because how your site looks has more of an effect than you may realize. A well-designed site can tell your customers what your brand is about and if they can trust you. All of this starts with choosing the right colors, typography, and images you want to communicate your message.

Toolset makes it easy for anyone to build a beautifully-designed site thanks to the advanced styling options it offers – from typography and colors to margins and padding. We cover the basics of these topics in our Toolset Design Course, which breaks it down simply, even if you aren’t a designer.

OceanWP’s Web Design Summit is a great opportunity to dive even further into the world of designing WordPress sites. It will feature 3 sessions with iconic designers responsible for memorable typography and logos for Jaguar and Star Wars. This will be followed by 3 hands-on workshops to help you build beautiful websites with ease.

When you use Toolset along with a compatible theme like OceanWP, you can take advantage of special features and styling options to really take your site to the next level. Check out how you can use Toolset and OceanWP together to build a great site.

Ticket Giveaway

The webinar is free for OceanWP license owners and Masters Design Lab students and alumni.

Want to join the webinar but not an OceanWP user? We’re giving away free tickets to the first several people who leave a comment on this post! Otherwise, tickets are available for $35.


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  1. Looking forward to this! Been thinking about purchasing the theme for my agency. I want to learn more about it.

  2. Toolset is awesome. Probably one of the best plug-in I’ve used. I have no design experience though. This webinar will greatly help me in leveling up my skills with toolset

    • Hi Caryle – Thanks for your kind comment! Sending you an email so you can attend the webinar for free 🙂

    • Hi Alban – Our pleasure. Sending you an email with details on how to get your free ticket now.

    • Hi Gary! Sorry about the delay – it looks like your comments got stuck in our spam filter. It’s not too late! I’ll send over the details via email now.

    • Hi Manny – Sorry to say that Toolset won’t be presenting, but I’m happy to send you a ticket! Sending you an email now.

  3. Hi Guys,
    I’ve been looking for a good reason to move and license OceanWP can I have a free ticket too?

  4. I have had a hard time for some reason and I have designed sophisticated databases using Access and VB (it’s possible). I need to build a lawyer database so people can search lawyers in Boston. I will list everyone for free under 1 practice area. Instead of GYMS and INSTRUCTORS and TRAINING SPECIALTIES ( should be categories). It is LAW FIRMS and LAWYERS and PRACTICE AREA (categories). I have created the lawyer page as a firm too. Not correct. I will attend your webinar. I would like to have someone help me move this along. I looked at the applications and there any professional looking examples. I will design a great layout page and make your software look great if you help me .. I will be the most successful user of your software. I need some help. After I got Lyme disease my brain slowed down learning new things, but I am an experienced developer. I designed the “Apartment Rental System” in Access and VB used by BOSTON’s largest realtors. It tracks landlords property and prints contracts and letters (using MS bookmarks in Word).

  5. Toolset has allowed me to be the programmer I thought I could never be. I have a design background but I’m always in a quest for more design inspiration.

    • Hi Ron – Thanks for your kind comment! This webinar sounds like it will be full of design inspiration. I’ll send over a ticket via email.

    • Hi Dave – Perfect! I’ll send you a free ticket to this webinar, where I’m sure you’ll pick up some inspiration and tips!

  6. I would like to learn more about website design, especially with OceanWP. May I please still grab one of the free tickets?


  7. Hi,

    would also love to attend!

    PS: Guess the article was planned to be published earlier? The deal mentioned in the last sentence with the $15 offer until August 20th kind of doesn’t work out with the post published on the 22nd ;).

    • Hi Tino – thanks for pointing that out. I’ll remove it from the post. We still have free tickets available, so I’ll email you now with details!

  8. Hi Allison,

    I also would appreciate a free ticket to the Web Design Summit if it’s not too late to ask.

  9. Hello Allison,

    I love toolset plugins and the good staffers involved with developing and caring for the users. I want to expand my agency, and I want to participate in the event. So if you still have tickets available. Please, can you send one my way?