Toolset 1.6.1 – Bugfix Release


August 31, 2021

This release updates all major Toolset plugins with various stability and compatibility improvements.

In Toolset 1.6.1, we collected a number of fixes that queued up from user reports and from our own findings. Big thanks to all clients that helped us in pinpointing and testing these issues.

Fixes In This Version

Here’s the list of fixes in this release.


  • Fixed the conditional display of custom fields in the editor.

Views + Blocks

  • Fixed an issue with the output of legacy Views when placed inside a blocks-based page.


  • Fixed a bug that occurred when loading CAPTCHA fields.
  • Fixed a problem with the form setting when using the native Media Library.


  • Fixed an issue with using a View block as a source for map markers.
  • Fixed a problem where certain placeholder attributes weren’t being applied.

WooCommerce Blocks

  • Fixed some deprecation notices for WordPress 5.8.
  • Fixed an issue with some HTML classes generated in the quantity selector for products.

Download and Update

We send out the update notifications in batches so not everyone will see the update notice immediately.

To get this update now, in the WordPress admin go to Plugins → Add New and click the Commercial tab. There, click the Check for updates button in the Toolset section.


We hope this release makes Toolset even more stable and pleasurable for you to use.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. ok…unfortunately not all deprecated warnings have disappeared.
    Deprecated: Required parameter $field follows optional parameter $post in \wp-content\plugins\types\vendor\toolset\types\embedded\includes\api.php on line 405

    • Hi, Mario, thanks for the comment! Actually, we fixed deprecated warnings related to WordPress 5.8 version. The thing you pointed out is related to PHP 8 version and we are still working on this. It will be a part of one of the future releases, no worries!

  2. Hi Dario,

    One small observation about Toolset updates recently. You have to go through the New Plugins / Commercial route to manually check for them and then install. This adds a bit of work over a number of sites. I use WP Main to manage all the sites I work on and this saves a lot of time.

    • Hi, Stephen! Actually, it’s been like this for a long time. 🙂

      The reason is that we don’t simply send the update to everyone’s site. We send it in batches, depending on how “big” the release is. So, in this example, we sent it to 25% of client’s websites. They got the notification about the update directly on the Plugins page. However, the other 75% of the clients don’t get this notification update until we expand the release to more clients.

      That is UNLESS, of course, anyone from this 75% of people, manually goes to the Add New plugin > Commercial tab and clicks the button to check for update. This button then pings our server and triggers the update to become available.

      This way, we make sure that our updates don’t cause major problems to clients. If we find anything during the initial rollout, we can react immediately and fix issues before the rest of the clients even know that there’s an update available.

      I don’t know if there is a workaround for this when using the site management services. It would be best to ask this in our support.

  3. Thanks Dario, explained perfectly. I did happen to update one site and have a wee problem with a view so will be traveling over to support now.

  4. Exactly, I was about to write the same thing.

    I am using premium plugins like Beaver Builder, Beaver Themer, PowerPack for Beaver Builder etc and I get the updates from time-to-time right inside the WP dashboard. Besides, I have enabled auto-updates for all the plugins except for the Toolset ones that does not accept auto-updates.

    The process to manually check for the Toolset updates is quite a tedious process. One has to navigate all the way to Add New Plugins > Commercial and then click the Check for Updates button and after that tick the checkboxes and finally click the Download button.

    And repeating these steps for all the sites is a time-consuming task. There should be some automated work-flow just like other premium plugins.

    • Hi, Alok! I understand you completely. I suggest creating a ticket in our support for this and requesting a feature/improvement to solve this issue. Maybe something like an “Always enable automatic updates” option. So when you turn this on, you always get updates from the first moment any release goes out.

    • Hi, Valerie! As explained in the “Download and Update” section of the post, on your site, go to the Plugins page. Click the Add New button and then the Commercial. There, scroll to the Toolset section and click the Check for updates button. Available updates will appear in the list and you can click to update all plugins you need.

    • Hi, Gene! The thing with the new Recaptcha version is that it’s not just a script you call from your page. Instead, it’s a complete system that requires specific settings on every usage. It uses a mechanism of “scores” that the site owner needs to decide to pass or block. Because of this, we have no plans on supporting the new Recaptcha version.

  5. This update seems to bring compatibility issues with GeneratePress Elements – just in case anyone else is using this combination…

    • Hi, Joel! Thanks for bringing this up. It would be best if you raise this to our Support so that we can take a look and see where the issue stems from and what we can do to fix it.

  6. It’s not often that I comment on a blog post to actually say it’s all cool LOL

    But I thought it is worth to mention that this update went thru quite nicely. I work un-often with Toolset lately, mainly due to the “mess” WP goes on creating with blocks, and Toolset requiring WP 5.0 above, however I still have several ties to it 😛

    Just finished an update on a major instance with some complex logics and I didn’t find any new bug or issue.
    Not sure about wether this was around already before, but even if it’s a new bug, it still was a nice smooth update.

    Also because at least some of the fixes in it actually point back to some reports made by me, so that makes it even nicer to see them fixed hehe.

    As well, cool to see that you managed the switch to WP 5.8 without a massive avalanche of issues, can’t be said for everyone, and from what I can see in the very WP support channels, the issues in Widget screens are quite numerous (due to plugins or code not updated with the new blocks logics and conditions).

    • Hi, Beda! Thank you for the comment. It’s great to hear that this release went well in your experience. 🙂

      Regarding the changes that WordPress 5.8 made to the whole Widgets experience… I would imagine people using widgets for all kinds of things on their sites, and they’ve done it for years. I can only imagine what this change means for some of these sites. I hope they manage to resolve it in one of WordPress’s upcoming bugfix releases.

  7. Reading that Toolset has “no plans on supporting the new Recaptcha version” was very surprising. I’m quite sure I’ve seen it said a few times in the forums and comments going back to version 3’s release in 2018, that this was going to be included in a future release. I certainly didn’t expect that several years in, Toolset would suddenly declare it’s not possible or worthy and call it quits. I really don’t understand why this is so difficult to overcome when Contact 7, Gravity Forms and probably many more advertise full Recaptcha v3 integration. As someone who has managed a traffic heavy site with the current Toolset Forms – running version 2 of Recaptcha – I can attest to the fact that v2 is absolutely not holding up to spam bots. That’s the nature of it: a new captcha is developed to fight off bots, the bots adapt to it, a new version comes out that works better and the cycle repeats. Surely you’re not planning to stick with v2 forever, so what is the plan?? Wait for v4? Hope someone develops something better?

    • Hi, Gene! Thank you for the comment, I raised your concern with the development team. I honestly don’t remember if the plans for this changed with time. I’m just relaying what the project’s lead has explained to me about this particular feature request.