Toolset 1.6 – WordPress 5.8 Compatibility and Bugfixes


July 12, 2021

This joint release of Toolset plugins ensures full compatibility with WordPress 5.8. It also includes fixes more than 150 bugs and usability issues.

WordPress 5.8 Compatibility

WordPress 5.8 is out and Toolset is ready for it. The major new feature in WP 5.8 is the new Query Loop block. This block offers some of the features that Views have been offering for several years. It doesn’t yet include support for custom fields, taxonomy, etc.

The major difference between the WordPress Query Loop block and Toolset’s Views and Archives is in how the two designs treat dynamic sources.

The WordPress team decided to implement dynamic sources as individual blocks. There’s the Post Title block, Post Content block, etc.

New blocks in WordPress 5.8

In Toolset, we’ve chosen a different approach. Toolset doesn’t have dedicated blocks for different types of fields. Instead, it allows you to display fields inside any existing block. This way, you can create a button that displays a label from one field and links to the URL coming from another field. Toolset also offers Inline Fields, which allow you to combine values from fields inside any text.

Using Dynamic Source to display the post title in a View
Using Inline Field to display the value of the custom field

We think that our approach is way more flexible, but we’re a little biased…

Bug Fixes

This release of Toolset also includes a huge number (150) of stability improvements:

  • Blocks: better management of multiple fast interactions on frontend forms set to update results when visitors make any form change.
  • Blocks: fixed a problem with srcset attribute generation for SVG images.
  • Blocks: better management of combined sorting and pagination frontend controls.
  • Blocks: inline fields using checkboxes should produce labels and not raw stored values.
  • Blocks: fixed pause on hover on automatic AJAX pagination.
  • Blocks: fixed the ability to search on frontend by title only or title plus content.
  • Types: fixed a problem with default field values being set when editing posts.
  • Types: fixed a problem with field groups conditions based on taxonomies on multilingual old sites.
  • Forms: fixed a problem with notifications set to be sent when a custom field changes its value.
  • Forms: fixed a problem when submitting forms with field names already used for post types or taxonomies, or reserved by WordPress.
  • Forms: fixed a problem with WPML and post expiration notifications not being sent in the right language.
  • Forms: fixed a problem with selectors on forms to create related posts based on an URL parameter losing the value after the form is submitted.
  • Forms: fixed a problem with forms to create related posts when the related item selection gets its value from an URL parameter and the field has restrictions by author.
  • Forms: fixed a problem when creating items on a Repeatable Fields Group as the parent post was not being required.
  • Forms: fixed saving single line fields containing an apostrophe.
  • Forms: fixed rendering forms using the PHP function API if they are submitted without page reload.
  • Maps: fixed a problem with missing cached addresses on sites with a large number of maps and markers.
  • Maps: fixed a default radius of 5km on frontend search filters by distance.
  • Access: improved the blocks editor post author selector to include all authors on relevant roles that can publish posts of the current post type.


You can find the full changelogs here:

Download and Update

As we send out the update notifications in batches not everyone will see the update notice at once.

To get this update now, in the WordPress admin go to Plugins → Add New and click the Commercial tab. There, click the Check for updates button in the Toolset section.


What do you think of the new features in WordPress 5.8 when compared to Toolset? Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. I find the current development of WordPress very exciting. With 5.8 as the first step towards FSE, dynamic content will be more visible for users.
    There will probably be more competition as more and more plugin developers jump on the dynamic content train. But there will also be more and more users who are aware of the possibilities of dynamic content. Once you have understood CPTs and their dynamic output, you realize how much you could still do with them and I think there are the new opportunities from Toolset. I really liked the fact that Toolset got on the Block Editor so quickly, even if the switch was / is challenging for developers and users and the legacy editor still attracts with its reliability and complexity. I assume that Toolset will continue to follow the innovative path in the future, will react attentively to developments in the WP Core and maintain a good balance between accessibility for beginners and functionality for advanced users.
    In addition to dynamic content, onTheGoSystems’ multilangauage is already the next topic in the starting blocks that will be integrated into the wp core 😉

    • Hi, Torsten! Thanks for the comment. Yes, there’s a lot of stuff coming to WordPress in the coming years. Our number one commitment is making sure everything works as expected while WordPress evolves and adds new features. Toolset is already packed with features and stability and reliability are most important. But no worries, we’re keeping our eyes wide open. 🙂 Interesting days indeed!

  2. I agree – Toolset’s implementation of dynamic content makes more sense! Still, I’m glad that you went all-in on Gutenberg early on. I look forward to seeing how you integrate with all of the upcoming features that they are planning!

    My only thought/hope, as a novice user, is that the power that seems to be available through the legacy editor will become fully-available to the Blocks UI.

  3. Hello, have you already included infinite scroll with button? Didn’t find it in Changelog… Thanks for an answer

  4. There is another difference, toolset field blocks do not work in the query block (they show information from the current content) and core “field” blocks do not work in a view (also show information from current content).

    • Hi, Steve! That is true, but I would also say completely expected. The Query Loop block uses a completely different approach for displaying post fields than Toolset. Hence, they simply cannot work within each other’s contexts.

  5. In terms of functionality, how does it compare with Views in general? I’m still using Views because of its features and flexibility but I’m still unsure whether or when to switch to Blocks.

    • Hi, Stan! I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean how Toolset Blocks compares to Toolset Views, or how the new WordPress Query Loop block compares to Toolset Views? I just published a new article that compares Toolset Blocks with the new WordPress Query Loop block. I’m hoping it will answer the question of what the new WordPress Query Loop block is capable of. The short answer is – very simple things at this point. So, both Toolset Blocks and Toolset Views are much more advanced than the Query Loop block.

      However, if you’re wondering about Toolset Blocks vs. Toolset Views, then with recent releases, we closed almost all gaps of features missing from Blocks that you can find in Views. I would say that there are now two things Blocks don’t allow you to do: nest Views inside other Views and create Views that list taxonomy or users. But when you need these things, you can always use both workflows on the same site. Use Blocks for most of the things and then create a legacy View for things you cannot accomplish with blocks.

      Honestly, it’s hard for anyone to answer this question rather than yourself. I suggest setting up a test site and installing Blocks. You can use our Framework Installer plugin to quickly install complete demo sites that showcase the power of Toolset sites built with blocks and then play with the features.

      If you need help with anything, create a ticket in our support forum and our supporters will be happy to help you.

  6. Thanks, Dario! I`ll give Blocks a shot and in the future would have to migrate all Views over.

    • Hi, Rajib! Toolset is a premium bundle of WordPress products, meaning that you have to pay for it. We have a very affordable 1 Site package for only $69 to get you started.

  7. Any ETA yet on the ability to control the size of background images? I want to know if I should wait for this ability or rebuild the site I made to remove background images…

    • Hi, Peter! I checked and I don’t have an ETA to give you on this feature. As we just released a major update, I wouldn’t wait for this right now.