New Toolset Reference Sites – April 2021


April 6, 2021

We’re happy to announce the release of three new Toolset demo sites. Each of them demonstrates the power of using dynamic content, and two show Toolset working seamlessly with popular block plugins.

Toolset provides a set of ready-to-use demo sites. We also call them Toolset Reference sites. You can use them for testing or as a starting point for your projects.

Here are the new sites at your disposal, each bringing a unique set of features.

The Dog Walkers demo site has a colorful and dynamic front page

Dog Walkers – Directory Site

The newest addition, Dog Walkers – Directory Site, has an upbeat and clean design that is easy to understand and customize.

The idea behind this demo is to show how to create a beautiful website with minimal design interventions but a full set of advanced features.

Therapists – Toolset Integration with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Toolset Blocks 1.4 brought integration with multiple popular block plugins including Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (UAG). This Therapists demo site showcases dynamic content from custom post types, fields, and taxonomies used in UAG blocks.

The Therapists demo site shows a smooth design

Photographers – Toolset Integration with Stackable blocks

Photographers – Toolset Integration with Stackable blocks is a dynamic reference site based on Toolset’s integration with the popular Stackable blocks plugin. 

The Photographers front page uses a minimalist style

With its minimalist design and structure, this reference site is great for understanding the bare essentials involved in creating a professional WordPress site with Toolset and Stackable. 

How to Install and Use?

There are two ways to use Toolset Reference Sites.

Create a free account on our Discover WP website and you get a sandbox for installing any of our reference sites. You create new instances with literally a few clicks. Everything you need is included in the test sites: Toolset components, demo content, and the whole site structure and design.

Framework Installer

You can also easily install our reference sites in your own development environment, like a localhost. 

Go to your Toolset Download page and click the Reference Sites tab. At the bottom, you will see a button for downloading the Toolset Framework Installer plugin.

For details on using the Toolset Framework Installer plugin, check out our page about installing Toolset demo sites.

Feedback? Comments?

Did you already use Toolset Reference Sites? If so, what do you think about these new ones?

New to our demo sites? Let us know what you think!

Leave us a comment and we’ll reply!


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  1. Dear Cloe,

    Thank you for the “New Toolset Reference Sites” nice and good efforts from you, I try the Dog Walkers demo site the editing profile same be not working for this reference site.

    Also many Toolset members interesting to know how to add FULL profile user area, so really appreciated if you or anyone from Toolset media team can publish a walkthrough video with step by step on how to create complete profile user area with Toolset Blocks for any membership site as this area still need more love from Toolset team.

    With Thanks

    ibnoman from

    • Hello,
      This is Agnes from the Toolset team. I’m a coauthor of this reference site. Thanks for letting us know that there are some issues with editing the profile page. When being logged in with the admin user, please go to Toolset > Access Control > Toolset Forms and expand the User Forms Front-end Access Group. Check the option under “Edit Own User with the Form “Edit user profile”” for the Subscriber role. Save your changes. Then log in with your subscriber user and you should see the form. I have changed this setting on the main site (the one that is used for all other copies) but it will work for newly created sites and that’s why you need to check this option manually on your existing site.

      • Dear Agnes ,

        As always you are the toolset team moon, thank you for explanation which make sense now, may I request to publish a walkthrough video with step by step on how to create complete profile user area with Toolset Blocks including the access control.


    • Hi Ibnoman!

      Thanks for your comment.

      We just released a Toolset 1.5 Beta with the official version going out very soon. After that, we’ll be working on the 1.6 release and part of the plan for it is to provide a way for users to have an easy way to work with users and user profiles.

      It will be something new and should solve exactly that issue.

      Due to this, we will not be producing the video about this now because it would become obsolete with a new and better workflow very soon.

      I hope all is understandable and if you have any more questions please let us know!

      • Dear Cloe,

        Thank you for the reply and for Toolset 1.6 good direction, may I suggest for your development team to brainstorm the “workflow” so for example if you add a form you can have the ability to edit the form after submission and saved partway to be completed in stages like a workflow system so any user can have it’s on FULL profile area to manage the forms received in their inbox area from ( front-end).

        Here is an example of “Multi Steps like a workflow system” That you may keep those specifics in mind during the development time.


        • Good Day Ibnoman,

          Thank you for your thoughtful comment. At the moment we already have a feature request submitted about having multi-step Toolset forms, but there is no ETA for that at the moment. The two links you shared are about solutions that provide very granulated types of workflows so if you are thinking about something as complex as this, please submit a feature request on the following link:

          Have a nice day!

  2. Is there any way to track feature requests? Right now we’re looking at the ability to filter views by multiple relationships, but there are several others that are quite long in the tooth, so to speak.

    • Good Day!

      About tracking feature requests, we don’t have a public facing request list as requests are managed internally on our development board. However, you can submit requests via the form at

      Also, the feature you mention is going to be worked on in the next development cycle that we are just about to commence.

      Thank you for commenting! Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  3. Realy like Haven’t seen it before, even I am using toolset since two years. Nice way to increase access for new user. Wonder why it’s not present on the frontpage? Are you ready? Try out NOW!