Help Needed Writing Toolset Courses


February 26, 2020

If you’re experienced in Toolset, you know that it can do a whole lot. We want to take this experience and turn it into training material to teach others. So, if you have the right skills and are available, we’re hiring 🙂

What We’re Looking to Get

We would like to produce training courses made of videos, accompanied by short texts. For inspiration, look at some of the great Udemy courses. You’ll need to break a complete subject into sections and explain each of them clearly.

Students will arrive with basic knowledge of WordPress. Your training material will teach them the fundamentals and the specifics of how to accomplish with Toolset.


This is our initial list:

  • How to build directory sites
  • How to create custom searches
  • How to build geo-directories (displaying listings on maps)

You’re very welcome to propose your own subjects.

Job Requirements

  • Advanced knowledge and experience with Toolset (Types, Blocks, Maps, Access, Forms)
  • Experience using “light” themes
  • Basic PHP understanding (our tutorials will cover material that doesn’t require programming, but it’s healthy to be able to code, to have better context)
  • Excellent writing in English, at a native level
  • Excellent attitude towards teaching
  • Clear and confident voice (you’ll need to introduce yourself and narrate the training videos)
  • Good video production setup (audio recording, video editing software)

Location, Project Scope, Duration…

Most of our team is in Europe. We would prefer to have candidates from European time zones, to make it easier to communicate (so we don’t have to work nights). If you’re in the US, plan to having early-morning calls with us (like 7AM your time).

This can be per-project work, part time or full-time. We’ll prefer to start with per-project work and see how it goes.

We’re looking to produce entire tutorials in about 3 weeks.

How to Apply

Interested? Apply now and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Amir, sorry to be annoying but I have this ticket I need a faster resolution to. The below is assigned to Minesh. He’s not in my timezone and we haven’t started to resolve the issue. Please help.

    The ticket I reference in the below was answered by Shane who also happens to be in my timezone.

    Assuming Amir sees this:
    1. What happened to chat support?
    2. Instead of the current choices of who may help it would make more sense to have a preference for timezone. Really you system should have that baked in.
    3. I’d be happy to pay for quick professional support.

    • @chrisH-10, tthe blog post here is inadequate to bring this to our attention

      You can always use this form in order to bring some Support Tickets to the Managements attention:

      Chat support as well still exists, it is the main support method, but sometimes the supporters might turn this off if the queue “normal” queue is busy.

      Time zones are illustrated on each Supporter’s profile, but I will pass the idea along, for evaluation.
      We can currently not prioritize support for paid sums, but I also will pass this idea along

      I will also check on quickly to see if I can help with immediate ideas.

      Thank you for the patience meanwhile!

  2. Hello, I am interested in this opportunity. I am your customer but I don’t have all the qualifications required for this position, like programming. However, I am a WordPress user for more than 10 years and i have built some pretty complex websites. Also, I have a lot of experience in video editing.