Chat Support for Toolset


November 26, 2018

If you created any new support tickets for Toolset in the last few days, you probably noticed a “chat” option. Chats allow Toolset support team help you much faster than with tickets.

When you open a support ticket, you’ll see an option to start a chat.

Chat is a faster way to connect with a Toolset supporter. Many of the support questions that arrive our chat are resolved in a few minutes. If we can’t resolve a problem during the chat, we make sure to get all the information that we need, so we can come back with a solution in an email.

We invite you to use the chat support when you need our help. You will reach the same supporters, just a lot faster.

Feedback? Ideas? Suggestions?

Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.


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  1. Such a great addition. Don’t know how it is for the support staff but I get things done much quicker. Both sides get instant feedback during testing…. Love it <3 !!!!

    • Our support staff prefers chats over tickets because they can ask for clarifications and get answers immediately. Otherwise, in regular tickets, when a supporter doesn’t understand what’s going on, he/she needs to spend hours trying to reproduce it.