Divi theme has released version 4.0 with many new features and changes to Divi editor. Unfortunately, this release doesn’t play nice with Toolset.

Right now, the biggest problem between Divi 4 and Toolset is that Divi builder is modifying the “post in the loop” variable from WordPress. We’re not sure why Divi is doing this, but this makes Views not work at all with Divi. We suspect that this modification to the WordPress global variable will produce compatibility problems with other plugins.

We’re in touch with Divi team about it and will update here when we know more.

For now, we recommend to our clients to stay with Divi 3 on sites that have both Divi and Toolset.

Divi devs are generally interested in resolving this and other compatibility problems. To expedite fixes, we suggest that you add a comment to the Divi 4 announcement post, explain that you’re using Toolset and that this release of Divi just broke compatibility. Many reports from clients will help get more attention and have a fix faster.