Toolset and Divi 4 Issues


October 28, 2019

Divi theme has released version 4.0 with many new features and changes to Divi editor. Unfortunately, this release doesn’t play nice with Toolset.

Right now, the biggest problem between Divi 4 and Toolset is that Divi builder is modifying the “post in the loop” variable from WordPress. We’re not sure why Divi is doing this, but this makes Views not work at all with Divi. We suspect that this modification to the WordPress global variable will produce compatibility problems with other plugins.

We’re in touch with Divi team about it and will update here when we know more.

For now, we recommend to our clients to stay with Divi 3 on sites that have both Divi and Toolset.

Divi devs are generally interested in resolving this and other compatibility problems. To expedite fixes, we suggest that you add a comment to the Divi 4 announcement post, explain that you’re using Toolset and that this release of Divi just broke compatibility. Many reports from clients will help get more attention and have a fix faster.


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  1. I came upon a Divi Toolset conflict on a client’s site earlier and switched to using The7 theme to work with Toolset. It’s not Divi and I hope Divi and Toolset get reconciled soon!

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure that Divi developers will be interested to know that clients are switching away because of these compatibility problems with Toolset. Will you also leave a comment on the Divi 4 announcement, so that they know and prioritize it?

  2. Encountered this problem and we are contemplating switching to Astra… unfortunately the client roll-out is days away. I am about to post the text you recommended to the Divi link you provided…


    • I completely moved away from Divi / Toolset Combos over a year ago and switched to Astra + Elementor or Oxygen Builder.
      Since then I just use Divi / ET max. for layout inspirations and maybe quick static mockups
      If you didn’t built your views layouts and content templates using Divi the switch over to Astra should be a breeze and depending the complexity of your clients site could probably be done matching the delivery time scheduled with your client.

  3. You guys should join the Elegant Themes Slack channel. I already told Dustin (one of the developers) about this issue and he wanted to have a look. Of course it wold be a lot easier to figure out whats going on if you could help as well, for example by giving them more information about how you build views for example. I tried to debug the code myself already and so far found out that Divis own “the_content” filters get called within a Toolset views loop but I just don’t have the experience with the code you guys have.

  4. If you know of other links where we can write to ET to ask them for compatibility please share the other URLs here.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Amir,

    I received a reply from someone from Elegant Themes support, here is his reply:
    “The best I can do is add this in our feature request to have this plugin supported in the future. Could you tell me more about your issue and how to replicate it?”

    Amir, how do you want me to describe to him the problem ?

    • I don’t think we need someone that stands between ET and Toolset. Amir said they are communicating. I think that’s good enough.

  6. Thanks Amir,

    I have encountered many of the issues you and others have highlighted here and have had some in-depth discussions with support at Elegant Themes on many issues where Divi does not support what Toolset does. On the new theme builder templates in Divi 4 they do not pick up custom fields generated through Toolset on the dynamic content mechanism whereas for ACF fields they do… and WooCommerce product fields. I made sure to point this out and to highlight how unreliable the templates are at rendering a sample custom post with its custom fields. I have been informed that this will be addressed with a future update.

    Specifically on the issue with views, I did point out to Elegant Themes support that it was not very cool for them to inject extra markup into the mix ( … ) to wrap part of the third party markup for views and in effect introduce braking changes.

    I hear what others are saying above and I myself have contemplated moving to another theme that simply works, keeping Divi for prototyping ideas.

  7. Can we have an extensive list of all of these affected issues? I have a Divi 4 website with Views and Custom Content Templates, etc with seemingly no issues. Can we get a full list of all of the incompatibility issues so we can check our websites?

    • Our support is gathering more issues with Divi 4 on a daily basis. We’re passing them directly to the right people in ET. The best is just to report that there are compatibility problems with Toolset, so that Divi devs see that the demand for it is high. If they only receive our reports and reports from one or two of their clients, the priority for fixing the problems remain low. You don’t need to worry about giving Divi the full list of issues. We need them to see that many of THEIR CLIENTS need a solution.

      Makes sense?

  8. As Ronald wrote above, can we get a better description of where the problem is so that we can test and report to ET?

    On an empty site with Divi 4.0.4, I added pre-beta Types and Views plugins.
    I then:
    – Created a new post type.
    – Added a custom text and image field to that post type.
    – Created a View for that post type.
    – Added that View to a regular page built with Divi. (Although I had to disable the Divi builder so that I could access the default editor to be able to obtain the shortcode. Where can I get a View shortcode when working in the Divi editor???)

    As you can see here, the View does work:

    Do the problems only occur when using the Divi Theme Builder or something?

    Also, the button that is supposed to let us add Views etc inside Divi, why is it broken? Is it something ET did that is beyond your control or is this a Toolset problem that just isn’t being fixed?

    • We’ve already reported the problem directly to ET developers, with which we’re in contact.

      This is one of the major issues:
      Method get_main_post() from divi-builder/includes/builder/post/PostStack.php, used in divi-builder/includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php, line 1942, with ET_Post_Stack::replace( $main_post );

      As it replaces the post in the loop, Views plugin (and likely many other plugins) cannot function.

      We haven’t debugged this fully in Divi, but removing this action restores Views functionality. Of course, you cannot just comment it out and everything will run correctly. Something in Divi needs this.

  9. I froze my Divi sites at 3.26.3 months ago, after rolling back to it. Even point releases were breaking pages (before 4.0) and slowing things down so bad I was getting Divi Builder timeouts. They keep adding all this “visual” builder stuff that I have no interest in, that just seems like more opportunity to create new bugs (like this doozy in 4.0). I’ll leave my sites at 3.26.3 until I can figure out how to get off Divi with as little pain as possible.

    • We know that many of our clients are also using Divi. I’m not sure about the full integration with Divi 4 code. We haven’t spent much time learning it yet. We’d like to push the fixes with ET team for the problems that we already found. Then we can see if we can achieve tighter integration.

  10. Hi Amir,
    What about the fix? Is it risky to leave Divi 3 now? … Or do we still have to wait a better integration of Divi 4?

    • The fixes in Divi 4 handle most of the showstopper issues. It’s taking us a little time to do a complete test because both Toolset and Divi have many features.

      We already found a number of smaller compatibility issues that we’re also communicating to Divi team. There’s a problem with conditional shortcodes, but we haven’t fully debugged it yet.

      For existing sites, we recommend to stay with Divi 3 for now. If the sites are all working, what’s the benefit of applying a major update and possibly breaking things?

      For new sites, where you are checking everything carefully, it’s fine to use Divi 4.

  11. Divi 4 and Toolset are definitvely not compatible as for now. My site is completely messed up. I will roll back to Divi 3. Divi 4.08 has just been released and it’s even worse than Divi 4.07. Lots of problems with CSS, Toolset shortcodes and not even recognised in the templates you built with the new Divi Theme Builder. Support teams from ElegantThemes and Toolset should communicate to each other and solve these issues…