This latest beta release of Views brings you the power of creating WordPress archive pages using the Block Editor. Use blocks to design the archive’s list of posts, add custom search, choose pagination options, and more.

Design archives with the Block Editor

Views 3.0 Beta 2 allows to design archives using blocks. Your archives can include custom searches, pagination, maps and anything else that Toolset supports.

Watch how Agnes designs a beautiful archive page in 15 minutes time including styling and explaining each element.

Container block improvements

The Container block is your main tool for achieving beautiful styling. Containers allow you to design the appearance of the blocks inside them. This release brings a number of major improvements to containers so that you can create great-looking websites.

Overlay opacity and color for background images

Parallax effect with images background

Minimum height setting for containers

Vertical alignment of elements inside a container

Transparency values for colors in solid or gradient backgrounds

Containers are now reusable blocks

Control who can edit Views

When developing sites, you create some beautiful Views. In most cases, you don’t want anyone else editing your Views besides administrators and maybe editors.

You can now use Toolset Access to control which user roles are able to edit Views. By default, only administrators can edit Views.

To customize the View editing permissions, go to the Toolset -> Access Control page and click the Custom Roles tab. There, you can edit permissions for all the user roles in the site.

Other features and improvements

This beta introduces other features and improvements:

Control if custom search updates on-the-fly or after submission

Styling options for hover actions

More styling options for the Star rating block

Set transparency levels for text and background colors


There are also some important workflow improvements:

  • Easier adding of the Search and View Output blocks
  • Edit a Content Template title from the sidebar
  • Better interface for Views search filters and sorting controls
  • Display a post excerpt even if it is not explicitly defined

Major features we are still working on

The current beta includes all the most important features, but we are working on more. These are the major features that we’re working on next:

FeatureWhen it will be ready
WooCommerce templates and archivesNext beta or production release
Nested ViewsAfter the first production release
Users and Taxonomies ViewsAfter the first production release


How to build new sites in the meantime

Even though this is a beta release it is already very stable with all the main features and structures in place. The production release is coming very soon.

If you are building sites in the meantime, we suggest using Toolset Block Editor integration. The current beta should be stable and feature-full enough to allow you to build what you need.

We are preparing to run this beta on and Have a look and see what we are building with them.

Front-end Preview

Design in the Block Editor

Front-end Preview

Design in the Block Editor


Of course, you can still use Layouts plugin and it will continue working in years to come, but all the new functionality will go into Toolset Blocks.

Themes recommendation

Selecting a good theme for a website you are building is important. We recommend using simple themes that allow you to design everything using the Block Editor (Gutenberg) (try googling “best Gutenberg themes” and you will get a ton of articles with some great suggestions).

Using a theme that is completely integrated with Block Editor will provide you great compatibility and related features.

Download and try

To get started using it with Toolset Blocks, we recommend quickly reading how to build Toolset-based sites with the Block Editor.

To test this release you will need to download:

  • Types stable release
  • Views beta release

If you’re updating a site that already has the Toolset Blocks plugin, remember to deactivate it.

To download the beta plugins, go to your Toolset account’s Downloads page. There, switch to the Beta channel.

Your feedback is important

We’d love to get your feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what you’re missing in this release. Your feedback is what drives Toolset’s development.