This Toolset Types release introduces a new public API for custom field groups and fields in Toolset. It also fixes multiple bugs and improves the existing post-relationship API.

Toolset Custom Field API

You can now use the brand new public API for Toolset custom fields. This allows for deeper integration between Toolset and third-party plugins in the future. You can also use these functions to extend Toolset features into custom-made solutions.

As part of this new API, we are exposing several new PHP interfaces that you can now leverage in your custom code.

Note: At the moment, only the support for post custom fields is available, but we’ll keep extending this API based on your feedback.

Coming Next: Post relationship improvements

In the meantime, the project of extending the post relationship features is underway. Once completed, it will become possible to create relationships between posts of the same type with each other, or relationships where you can have multiple connections between the same two posts.

Improvements and Bugfixes

We implemented the following improvements to the Post Relationship API:

  • Extended the toolset_connect_posts() function with a possibility to specify an already existing intermediary post for a many-to-many relationship.
  • Improved the toolset_get_related_posts() function to allow it to return Repeatable Field Group items sorted by the manual order set in the user interface.

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Implemented a fix to prevent unnecessary TinyMCE initialization when turning a page in the Related Content metabox. Fixed the styling of pagination controls in various listing pages throughout Toolset.
  • Implemented an internal WPML compatibility fix to replace the deprecated icl_editor_cf_style and icl_editor_cf_name filters.
  • Improved the way to determine which field groups should be displayed for a new post with respect to template conditions.
  • Fortified the shared class autoloader to prevent a rare PHP warning.

Download and Update

If you registered Toolset on your site, you can get this update automatically from the admin. To download plugins manually, go to your Toolset account’s Downloads page.

Don’t forget to backup your site before updating.


Do you plan on using the new Toolset Custom Field API? Have any feedback or suggestions?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!