The Toolset Maps 1.5 release brings support for Azure Maps API. This gives you more choice for selecting the best map service provider given the latest changes to Google Maps API pricing. Besides this, we added support for Google Street View, ordering Views by distance, and more.

Changes to Google Maps API pricing

Google recently went live with the completely new approach to Google Maps API called Google Maps Platform. This also changed the pricing of using the Google Maps API.

Now, you need to set up your billing information before getting the API keys. If you cross the free monthly limit, Google will automatically charge your account.

Google claims that the vast majority of users will not cross the free limit, however, you do need to set up your API keys (again).

Added support for Microsoft Azure Maps

With this release, you can use Microsoft Azure Maps API with Toolset Maps. This gives you another good alternative to the new (and more restricted) Google Maps.

You can select the API you want to use on the Maps tab of the Toolset -> Settings page.

Selecting the maps API to use
Selecting the maps API to use

Naturally, you will need to enter your Azure Maps API key here.

Please note that this version introduces a basic implementation. We wanted to push it out quickly, and get feedback from our users, i.e. you.

Basic use cases should work without a problem. More advanced features will be implemented later on. Due to differences between APIs, it will not be possible to implement certain Google-specific features to the Azure Maps implementation.

Support for Google Street View

Street View can now be displayed for a selected location, instead of a map. There is a new section, Street View, in the map-insertion dialog:

Street View options when inserting a map
Street View options when inserting a map

Ordering content by distance

When displaying a list of content, including posts, users, and taxonomy terms, you can now order them by distance from a specific location or the current user’s geolocation.

You can use it in Views the same as any other ordering method:

Ordering View by a distance from a fixed location
Ordering View by a distance from a fixed location

Other New Features

Here is the list of other important new features provided by Toolset Maps 1.5:

  • It is now possible to add a second Google API key
  • Shortcode for backend access to visitors location
  • Compatibility with Toolset Types 3.0 (many-to-many relationships)
  • Improved address autocomplete to also return business names
  • Updated Google Maps API version used to latest current
  • Refactored CSS loading to be more standards compliant and cleaner
  • Improved Elementor compatibility

Important Fixes

  • Fixed a number of distance filter issues
  • Fixed map clusters causing “Focus on Map” links to focus on the wrong location when WPML was active


You can find the new Toolset Maps version on your account page. Register your sites to receive automatic updates.

As with any major update, you should back-up your sites before upgrading. We tested this release heavily, but there’s always a chance for a problem in a configuration that we’re not covering in QA and in our automated tests.

Feedback and Comments?

Please, let us know how this release is working for you by leaving your comments. We’ll get back to you.