More information about Azure API implementation in Toolset Maps 1.5


July 19, 2018

Last week, we released Toolset Maps 1.5 with support for Azure Maps. After receiving a lot of valuable and positive feedback, we want to share more information about this integration. This includes supported features, what we are currently working on, and more.

Features currently working with Azure Maps

Let’s start with a list of features that are already implemented for Azure Maps in Toolset Maps 1.5 version:

  • Address autocomplete
  • Address to lat/long resolution
  • Map rendering with default zoom or bounding box from markers
  • Marker rendering with popups, titles, and clustering

Missing features we are working on already

Next, there are multiple missing features that we are already working on and will be in the next (big) release:

  • Elementor editor preview with Azure map
  • HTML in marker popups
  • Turning off scroll wheel zooming for maps
  • Marker icons
  • Full address editor with clickable map (right now there is only autocomplete)
  • Map controls and some more advanced map control options
  • When using Azure API, automatically hide features that this API doesn’t support

Features that Azure Maps API does not support

Finally, there are certain features that Azure Maps API simply doesn’t support:

  • Map styles
  • Spiderfying
  • Street view

When using Toolset Maps with Azure Maps API, these options will be hidden (we are working on this).

If Microsoft adds any of these or similar features in the future, we will be happy to implement them.

When is the next big release planned

The development cycle for the next big release for Toolset Maps is already underway. According to our current plans, this release should happen sometime in September.

Comments? Questions?

Do you have any thoughts or question regarding Toolset Maps implementation of Azure Maps API? Please leave us your comment below and we will be happy to get back to you.