Translate New Repeatable Field Groups and Related Contents Using WPML


March 6, 2018

The latest beta release for Types allows you to use the WPML plugin to translate the new repeatable field groups and posts connected through new post relationships. Watch the video of how this works and try it for yourself.

Try the Beta and help us improve the features

We usually start our announcements by introducing the new features, but this time I would like to first invite you to try the latest beta of Types with WPML.

Test the workflow, share your thoughts in the comments below and we will get back to you. Even though we are nearing the final production release of all these new features, there is still time for us to adjust the translation workflow, if needed.

To get the betas, go to the Downloads section of your Toolset account. At the top-left, select the Beta channel. You should download Types, Views and CRED (of course, only the ones that you use).

These betas work well with the latest WPML release (3.9.2) but some minor features will become available with the soon-to-be-released WPML 4.0 version.

Translating Repeatable Field Groups

The previous Toolset beta release introduced the new repeatable field groups and now you can translate them using WPML.

Watch the following video for the overview or visit our documentation about translating repeatable field groups.

Translating Related Content

You can now also translate posts connected using the new post relationship features introduced in the previous Toolset beta releases.

Watch the following video for the overview or visit our documentation about translating related content.


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  1. Thanks for the update, so far in my testing everything seems to be working great between the beta’s and wpml.

    I was wondering though, the reasoning why it’s not possible to assign a single repeatable field group to multiple post types? Is support for this in the works?

    • Hi, Taiko, thank you for feedback and a good question!

      Technically speaking Repeatable Field Groups are created as a one-to-many relationship but all of this is handled by Toolset in the background so that the user interface and experience is more straight-forward and simplified.

      It is possible for us to implement an option to assign single repeatable field group to multiple post types but it would require substantial development. This means that if it becomes an often request by the users, we will definitely consider it.

      Finally, the only thing that the developers assured me will never be implemented is the option for the repeatable group to be “unassigned” (which makes it automatically assigned to all custom post types in a site).

      • Thanks for the explanation.

        I believe a single repeatable field group for multiple post types would a great feature, and I can think of rather common use cases. For instance a repeatable group for creating CTA buttons spanning multiple (custom) post types. It’s a bit redundant having to create a repeatable group with the same fields for each individual post type.

        Well it’s good to have the repeatable groups in it’s current form at least, hoping with time it will be expanded 🙂

  2. I have a problem with the betas. Whenever I want to create “Relationship Forms” the “Create” button is disabled.

    What am I doing wrong is this a bug? I thnk I hav set up relations (one to many) probperly and can assign relations in the backend but not within CRED.

    • Hi, Konstantin!

      Well, this seems to be a bug actually. I just reported this to our developers. As a temporary workaround, create a “dummy” many-to-many relationship for any two post types. This should enable the “Add New” button on the Toolset -> Relationship Forms page and you will be able to create Relationship Forms for your one-to-many relationship.

  3. Unrelated to post relationships, there is something that has changed that needs comment.

    Inserting Fields & Views > Post Selection > A specific post
    I used to be able to insert a post ID, but now it insists on post-ID lookup via post title. This is counter productive.

    It minimum, it should accept either post ID or post ID lookup. I work primarily with post ID’s so if this goes unchanged, it will hinder my workflow drastically.

    • Hi, Pamela! Thank you for your comment. I shared this with our developers and it should be taken care of for the next release.

    • Hi again, Pamela! I just wanted to let you know that in the final release, you will be able to select posts again by their ID. There will be a separate option to do this. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. First of all, great new feature! Waited so long for that 🙂 ??

    1. “The conditions of this Field Group cannot be changed as long as a Repeatable Group or a Post Reference field is used.”
    I understand the reason of just 1 Post Type condition, but would id be possible to allow additional conditions like “Data-Dependant”?

    2. I am missing a “wpcf_belongs_page_id” meta-value or something. Right now I have to write something like this to have a query of all repeatable fields from a post $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT child_id FROM website_toolset_associations WHERE parent_id = $post->ID”)

    3. The horizontal/vertical toggle switch is not working for me. It always says “You need to save your changes”, what I have done.

    • Hi, Jan!

      1. Sorry, I don’t understand completely. Allow additional conditions for what?

      2. I suggest to take a look here:

      Repeatable fields groups are essentially a one-to-many relationship, so your repeatable field group is actually a post type. This means you should be able to use the new method explained in the doc I shared. It is about using the WP_QUERY with the new toolset_relationship query argument.

      3. I am not sure about this one. Our main tester and I both did a quick check and we cannot replicate the issue. To me, this message is only shown until I save the post first time. I suggest opening a ticket in our support, share more information and maybe a Duplicator package, so that our supporters can see what it could be.

      Thank you!

        • Thanks for the shared images, I understand now what you mean! OK, I need to check about this with our development team and see if:
          a) There are any technical reasons why this couldn’t be implemented.
          b) There is maybe already a plan to include this.
          c) If it is possible to add this when this could be. At the moment, we are working hard on final fixes for the official Types 3.0 release, so new feature requests will probably have to wait for subsequent release(s).

          Right now, most of the team is off for the weekend/Easter, so I will ask on Tuesday and update you right after our daily meeting.

          Kind regards! 🙂

            • Hi, again! I just talked to our lead Types developer and he confirms this is actually a known bug they are already working on solving. The fix will be available in the production release of Types, so yes, you will be able to conditionally display Repeatable Field Groups in the backend. 🙂

              Thank you for the feedback!