Yesterday we released another beta for Toolset, now with Layouts support for post-relationship forms. This update allows you to try the upcoming Toolset functionality, with all Toolset plugins.

This means that you can now use Layouts with post relationship forms. There’s a new Layouts cell for relationship forms, which works very similarly to other CRED cells in Layouts. To learn about the relationship forms, read How to Build Front-End Forms for Connecting Posts.

There’s one more beta release, which we’re aiming for next week. This will include full support for intermediary posts, used in many-to-many relationships. Then, it’s time to close this (very long) development cycle and release the production versions of all Toolset plugins, with post relationship.

Toolset Release Checklist

  • Post relationship in Types
  • Post relationship setup wizard
  • Post relationship in Views
  • Post relationship in CRED
  • Translation for repeating field groups and relationships
  • Prepare Types to migrate custom code
  • Post relationship in Layouts
  • Support for intermediary posts
  • Production release 🙂


As with all previous betas, you can download them from your Toolset account. Go to Downloads, switch to Betas and download the plugins you need. Remember, if you’re using betas, don’t mix them with production versions of other Toolset plugins.


Questions? Ideas? Comments? Leave your comments and we’ll reply.