Toolset 2.1 Preview: Visual Composer Integration for Content Templates


May 18, 2016

We are almost ready with a major update for Toolset plugins and I wanted to share one of the new features. Types 2.1 and Views 2.1 will include seamless integration with Visual Composer plugin, for designing templates.

Quite a lot of themes use Visual Composer and we decided it’s time we integrated it. With the upcoming release of Toolset plugins, you will be able to use Visual Composer to design Content Templates.

See how it works:

Views plugin will check if Visual Composer is active (either via the theme or as a stand-alone plugin). If so, you will see a new “Visual Composer” button when editing Content Templates. Click on it to switch to VC mode.

There, you can insert any cell and apply all your design via Visual Composer.

Remember that you are editing a template and not designing a specific page. This means that you should insert fields and not the actual texts and images. In the demo video, you can see how I’m using the Text Block element and then using the Fields and Views button, to insert the fields that I need.

Want to try?

You can download betas for Types 2.1 and Views 2.1 right now. Go to your Toolset account and click on Downloads. Then, switch to ‘betas’ and download. You will need both Types 2.1 and Views 2.1 betas. Of course, to see Visual Composer working, you need to have it installed and activated (we’re not bundling Visual Composer with Toolset).

If you want to learn how to create templates for your custom websites check out this great guide to adding a WordPress page template.

Other features coming to Toolset 2.1

This upcoming release is loaded with other features, which we’ve all been waiting for. To list a few:

  • Filters for WordPress Archives (including hard-coded in the settings and custom search)
  • A brand new Dashboard for Toolset
  • Better “parent layout” management in Layouts
  • Automatic assignments of Layouts and Content Templates on creation (you can skip the “bind” button)
  • Getting-started video tutorials in Views and Layouts

and more…

Toolset plugins are in QA now. We are aiming for a production release in about 3 weeks.

Give us your feedback

The Visual Composer integration is one of the major new features and we’d love to get your feedback about it. Try it with different themes, cell types and VC extensions and let us know your feedback!


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  1. Nice feature, maybe integrate Beaver Builder next, so we don’t have to deal with that ugly shortcodes if we decide to deactivate Visual Composer…

    • We’re going to look into integrating a number of other page builders with Toolset next. I hope that the integration with Beaver Builder will be possible.

      • Very nice to see this integration. Like Chris, I’m also very interested to see if you can do the same for Beaver Builder as that’s what we’re using.

      • That is great news! I really hope to see DIVI Builder integration. While you CAN create templates using the DIVI Builder library that will work in a similar way, it would be nice to have the direct integration. Keep up the good work!


        • Yes, Divi Builder is on our list. I very much hope that we will manage to integrate it.

          • Thanks an s-load for your embrace of builder integrations.
            I’ll be watching for your DiviBuilder integration.

            With regard to an offering DiviBuilder has, that others may not, their ‘library’ of templates system also allows for ‘Global’ items, allowing a use of set and forget items that, if change/revision required, the simple edit of the global-library-item applies to all usage instances.

        • I hope they contact you Robby, BB integration would be a massive PLUS for us as well.

    • Great. Looking forward to your feedback. Views 2.1 is going into QA next week. We would love to get feedback early, so if we need to make any adjustments, they go before QA.

      • First of all, it would be great to be able to manage views using VC just like it is in Ultimatum theme/framework.
        Unfortunately, I am unable to use the feature you proposed because Types&Views cause a problem with saving changes within VC – it’s a known issue and it is still unsloved in this beta. Solving it should be your first step.
        Then feature you propose (with putting views shortcodes in VC text areas) can be a first step towards having Fields&Views elements shortcoded within VC.

        • This should have been resolved already, a while back. Can you tell me which version of Visual Composer you’re running?

          • I am using the latest version of Visual Composer with some addons. The problem occurs on a number of sites I manage.

            • We received the debug data from Paulina and resolved this issue. It had to do with a couple of VC extensions that required handling. We also noticed that the VC version that’s bundled with the theme was giving problems. I’ve asked Christian, the developer who worked on it, to send you also a dev version for your testing. When you test, try to use the “Plugin” version of VC and not a version that came bundled with a theme. I’ll follow up with Christian and see that everything is resolved for you too.

            • Hi Amir and Christian,

              I tested the version Christian sent me, but to no avail. The issue persists. Sadly, I do not have access to the plugin version of VC, only the theme bundled version.


  2. Quick tip for you for the future: If you guys make a video demo, it’s always import to first show the results so the viewer knows what you’re about to describe how to do. Then explain how! It will make more sense as you watch.

    • Thanks for the tip. Actually, for me, the result IS editing with Visual Composer. This is what I intended to show in the video preview. Probably didn’t pick a good frame.

  3. Amir,

    This is really great! Was hoping that you guys would integrate this already for a long time. This makes Toolset even more powerful!

    Looking forward to this release!

    Thanks for putting effort into this integration. Compliments!


  4. Great! I really like VC and I’m glad that you integrate it with Toolset.

    Makes me wonder, though: with the new templates (I think it’s new to v.2), what’s the difference between using a template with a Type and using Views? Is it that a template is for just one item and Views (with the loops) for many? Do we create a template that we integrate into Views after, or you use one or the other?

    • Hey, I was just waiting for this question, so pardon the long answer πŸ™‚

      Visual Composer has “templates”, but they are completely different than the templates created by Toolset. The VC templates are more like “Microsoft Office templates”. It’s something that you can save and make many copies of. So, when you use the templates by VC, you’re actually creating copies of the layouts, per item. If you want to update the template, you’ll need to do that in each item later. Even if you use something like Templatera for VC, it’s still not the same thing. These templates cannot include fields. So, you cannot take advantage of the custom fields in WordPress and separate between how content appears in the admin and how it’s displayed on the front-end.

      Now, with this integration between VC and Toolset, you can really take advantage of VC design widgets and create real templates, with real custom fields. You can use them both for single pages (like I show in the video in this post) or for Content Templates that appear in View loops.

      Makes sense?

      • Well, I was not referring to Templetera (VC’s templates), but Types’ templates vs Views…

        But, at the end, you answered: Types can integrate VC for one page/post, and Views can integrate VC when you have a loop… πŸ˜‰

  5. That’s excellent, Amir – a MAJOR step towards making Toolset truly a tool for non-coders!

    Thanks very much.

    Now, after reading those other comments, I need to check out Beaver Builder!


  6. Just an observation from a long time customer who has done lots of sites with your software.

    I appreciate that you want to keep adding more and more features to your products and to be honest the very first version of software did everything I needed for my sites with a handful of stuff that was never needed or used.

    Over time monitoring both the file size of the plugin (which has doubled since my original purchase) and also the increasing server resources it now uses both for front-end and back-end usage, I am starting to look around for a lighter custom post type creation and listing plugin to keep things simple and in line with the spec of your original versions.

    Have you thought about producing a no frills light version of your plugin and letting anyone else who ‘needs’ all the extra stuff to optionally ‘add-on’ if they need it?

    Thanks for listening.

      • This is has been a concern of mine as well, and quite honestly the reason I haven’t yet adopted Toolset. I do have a full license, but my recent projects have all been fairly complex, and I rule out Toolset due to Mark’s concerns about weight, resources, feature creep/bloat, etc. I really *want* to feel comfortable using it! I recently reached out to a Toolset expert to help me navigate this, but eager for your thoughts on it here, Amir.

        • Most of the new functionality in Toolset runs only in the WordPress admin. Have you noticed a significant impact on site performance due to Toolset? We are very careful to keep the runtime parts of Toolset thin and efficient. If you get noticeable load due to Toolset, especially on the front-end, please let us know. It’s something that we’ll want to handle. Create a ticket about it in our forum, show what you’re measuring and please add another comment here with the link to the ticket. I’ll follow up there.

          • Thanks Amir, just to clarify, especially for anyone else reading, I definitely do not have any examples of any Toolset components having negative impact on site performance. I have just been led to believe that heavy shortcode usage does have an impact, and was interested in your thoughts. But I have yet to find any clear information on specifics of their cost to performance. That said, maybe you could consider a deep treatment of shortcodes, best and worst practices, and how Toolset optimizes their usage? Maybe even some benchmarking examples?

          • I share these concerns. While I appreciate new features I do dread Types update notifications. Your plugins have so many features and constantly get new ones, the risk that something breaks is increasing more and more.

            There’re most likely a lot of users that only use the basic features of Types, Views and CRED (set up, display & edit content) but still have to constantly maintain, update and sometimes fix aspects of your plugins caused by features one doesn’t actually use.

            Types plugins offer value that other plugins don’t yet provide. Once more lightweight alternatives become available I’ll definitely think about switching to these more low-maintenance solution though…


  7. This is awesome! For me, this was really a missing feature. Can’t wait to try it out (I’ll wait until it’s out of beta)

    • It would be great if you can try the beta on a simple dev site. The reason I’m pushing for this is that we still have a little bit of time before Views goes into QA. If you notice anything, we can address it. Otherwise, anything that comes after QA will have to wait for the next release. Don’t run betas on production sites, only on dev sites.

  8. Hey there, this looks great! A few questions:

    What made you choose to integrate with Visual Composer instead of extending the capabilities of Layouts?

    Are you planning on replacing Layouts with this new Visual Composer integration?

    Are there differences between Layouts and Visual Composer, if so, what are the major advantages of using both, instead of expanding on your own Layouts tool?

    This does look great, I am just trying to figure out how to best use it, and if it should be used INSTEAD of Layouts, WITH Layouts, or VC for some things, and Layouts for other things?


    • There are hundreds of themes using Visual Composer. We assumed that people would need VC sooner than anything else. So, we swallowed our pride and integrated what people are currently using today. Of course, we’re planning to integrate our own Layouts too.

      Visual Composer lets you design inside pages. With Layouts, you can build an entire site, from the header to the footer. VC is a page builder, Layouts is a site-layout designer. We’re not going to retire our Layouts and we’re improving it with every release.

      It takes years to reach the polish and features that VC has right now. We assumed that our clients would prefer a quick integration with VC now, rather than wait a long time until we add all these features to our Layouts.

      If you already use themes that rely on VC, this integration is for you. If you are building sites with our Toolset Starter theme (or other themes that are integrated with Layouts), then probably Layouts is the way for you to go.

      Does this make sense?

      • Integrate Layouts with Visual composer too. Visual Composer just makes it easier to add and style the columns.

        • Yes, this will happen in the next release of Layouts (after the upcoming one). We already have the JS and API figured out, so this integration should go smoothly. We’re planning to have a number of page builders (VC, Avada, Divi and more) integrated into:

          – Content Template editing
          – The Content Template section in Views editing
          – Layouts, as a dedicated cell or in the Visual Editor cell (we’ll see)

          • I use Beaver Builder almost exlusively. I integrate Types and views if it is only simple stuff. But I just started an new complex Types site and had to drop it as it wasn’t playing nicely. So I’m using Layouts with Optimizr and getting my head around it all. Slowly.

            Anything on the horizon for Beaver Builder? It has a massive following (besides me).

      • Perfect! Thanks for the clarification.

        So, let suppose I am using Genesis with Layouts integration. I can design a parent layout with Layouts, and put a blank content child into it, and then use VC to design each page separately inside of each page?

        Would that be your preference, or would you just use Layouts for the entire thing?

        Also, let’s say I designed an entire layout with Layouts. Is there a way for your to override the content child for a single page, so you can use VC on that page within JUST the parent layout, or would you have to have 2 separate layouts, and you would choose the layout with a blank inside, instead of the fully design layout?

        I’m just rambling off some ideas, just in case anyone else was interested. I can see A LOT of great uses for both though!


        • I’m not sure I understand all these scenarios. VC is basically a fancy way to edit a text cell. It’s a huge enhancement to the WordPress TinyMCE editor. So, once this is integrated with Layouts, you would still need to create child Layouts, but you should be able to insert a text cell into each, and design the inside with VC. I hope this makes sense.

          I suggest, try to test the current integration (if you’re into VC). Tell us how it’s working for you.

          We’ll integrate with Layouts, experiment with it ourselves and then recommend a workflow.

          • Sounds great. Sorry if I wasn’t making sense there … I understand what you mean now.

    • Lots of votes here for Beaver Builder. For my knowledge, what do you like best about Beaver Builder?

      • I was actually considering Beaver Builder before I purchased Toolset. Honestly, I liked Beaver Builder but at the time I was evaluating what options I had, I loved how much control Toolset gave me over everything. By integrating both together, it makes your product much stronger. The only thing I would say is that I love the pricing model Toolset uses. As a developer, having the ability to use something on unlimited websites for my clients is ESSENTIAL. Visual Composer is a license for 1 site … if you have hundreds of clients, being able to manage all of your sites in one place like you can do in is wonderful, instead of having 100+ licenses that oyu have to renew every year, and keep track of, etc…

        Beaver Builder has a similar pricing model to yours. However, since I already purchased Toolset, I’d have a hard time paying $199 – $399 per year after buying Toolset, because at this time, I’ve been able to use Toolset to build everything I want to build.

        That may change in the future, but I thought I would give you my perspective on the topic.

      • Hi Amir,
        I’ve been using Beaver Builder for about 18 months (Toolset for almost as long).

        The attractiveness of BB for me personally is:
        – can use the page builder on the front-end for instant visual feedback
        – responsive and friendly support
        – aggressive (and transparent) development – i.e. roadmaps, betas, continuous improvement
        – large and helpful user community
        – stable and reliable code (never an issue during upgrades)
        – fair pricing
        – what I believe to be lean code, since performance is never an issue

        No, I wasn’t paid to write all that, I’m just a big fan of BB and Toolset and would love to see these two products playing nice together. They just seem to be mutually beneficial.


      • Another + for BeaverBuilder. I have worked through most integration issues between BB and Toolset with assistance from ticketed support, however there is some custom PHP required to get resolve all integration. I understand changes in the next version of toolset will improve integration.

        Strengths of BB are IMO reliability, licensing and cleanliness of produced HTML/CSS.

    • Beaver Builder is very user friendly and powerful it is becoming more and more popular everyday.

      Layouts integration for Beaver Theme would be very nice too.

    • I would like beaver builder integration. I am already using beaver builder and toolset at the moment, but there are a lot of work-arounds. I chose beaver builder for its ease of use and responsiveness. Chose from the templates to get started and easy to modify from there. If I don’t have to do too much coding, then that is quicker and better for me. I also like the unlimited site license model that you both offer. Beaver builder with toolset–that is my formula for success.

    • Another vote for Beaver Builder integration. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome what you’ve done here with VC and I’ll definitely be using it with some site projects where we are modifying a store purchased theme that comes bundled with VC but in projects I’m starting from scratch I much prefer to use Beaver Builder.

      In addition to the points Craig made below about why BB is great is the fact that it doesn’t leave your posts riddled with shortcodes. You can turn BB off and still have a site that makes sense to a user. This means your posts (or in this case your templates) are much more futureproofed in the event you want to change plugin as the landscape changes.

      • Hii,

        Another vote for Beaver Builder…. VC is popular but leaves alot of messy code if you disable it… Hint… addd more BB features to Layouts…

        Thanks for all the nice integrations lately….

  9. I’m a new Toolset customer and was planning to start using Toolset to build my dev site, starting today.

    I have Visual Composer and would like to use this beta version of Toolset but I’m a little worried about its stability. Do you feel the beta is stable enough begin my project, or would you suggest I use the current release?

    • If you’re building it first locally (not directly on the production site), you can use this beta.

  10. What are the chances we might see a Divi Builder integration? If I could use Divi in the same fashion then I would use Types on EVERYTHING…

  11. My Vote is for Divi. If I could get an integrated Divi workflow?
    I would have several personal sites up immediately.
    AND I could double my load of clients due to speed of integration with custom data.

  12. This absolutely fantastic. Toolset is the missing link in the WP ecosystem. Coming from Drupal, this is fantastic.

  13. Will using VC work for archive templates?

    Another vote for Beaver Builder. Used VC for a client on their website and it’s really slow to work with.

    • If you create a “WordPress Archive” and it displays a “Content Template” in the loop (which is the most convenient way to do it), then this should work for you, with VC.

      • could you make a video how to do that. I want to show a grid of the posts with options of meta data to pull into the grid display.

  14. You guys rock! I don’t use VC, but Themify Builder sometimes – I vote for Themify Builder ( Would be great, if you would consider to build these integrations optional – as addons. Like you did with the Themes integrations.

    More important for me would be the missing feature to save layout parts. E.g. you have a row with four cells including archive lists of other post types of the website. And you need this on several different pages/layouts. Atm you must build (c&p) them again and again. If you could save this row as layout part and open it into other layouts, this would be awesome (Themify builder has layout parts :)).

  15. Great to hear about the VC integration. Have waited awhile for this!
    Another high-end contenter would be, “CORNERSTONE” from “X” theme.

    Mix that in with a handful of integrated shortcodes would be awesome!

  16. Hi Guys @onTheGo Systems!

    Last week I posted a similar suggestion in the Paid forums section (Link).

    Therfore I am very happy to see, that there is some progress – even in the wrong direction, as far as I am concerned. Instead of adding or implementing more and more plugins, like VC (even if it has a huge fan- or userbase), you should optimize what you already have: Layouts and/or the WordPress Editor.

    So what about an Layouts-like editor for content templates? That would be awesome and would not require to a) buy antoher plugin (for every site) and b) would standardize the workflow to build themes or entire websites with Toolset and esp. Layouts form scratch.
    Take your announcement-video as an example. You are using VC only to build the grid. That was also my intention posting in your forums by instrumentalize the rows and columns shortcodes provided by Shortcodes Ultimate or another Bootstrap-based-Shortcodes-Plugin. Everything else is customized by classes and/or custom css, i.e. Headlines and so on.

    Conclusion: If you are able to implement VC, then it should also be possible to implement Layouts or the normal WordPress Editor so that I am able to use every shortcode or Editor enhancement available (with Shortcake UI on the horizon in mind – I pray it will make it into core as soon as it is leaving beta and supporting nested shortcodes; this would make nearly every Page Bulder obsolete).

    By the way: Could you please reimplement the CSS-Editing-Tab in Layouts’ Row-Editing-Popup which was capable of automagically make the defined rules chooseable in the classes input field. This functionality seems to be abandoned since you implemented the Layouts CSS-editing-screen. It would become perfect, if all the CSS-directives from the rows or content templates or whatever become available in the Layouts CSS editing screen and are also available in the corresponding rows, content templates and so on.

    Kind regards & Greetings from Germany!


    • Hi again!

      You know what, I have reconsidered using Page Builders, esp. Divi. So forget what I have written yesterday.

      I’ve bought a License for Divi after you released the Divi integration. And I’m very happy with it. My only concern are Page load times, code conflicts, W3C validity etc. when using Layouts and Divi together. But I have tested the integration once again and digged a little deeper. At this point of time there is not much to worry about. With some custom coding, caching and optimization and some help from your forums, things should be fine.

      You said, that you will integrate Page Builders with Views, Content Templates and CRED.
      If that means, that those Toolset elements and even the (Types-)fields will become draggable Blocks, instead of shortcodes I have to implement in Text Blocks or Modules, that would be like Christmas and New Years Eve on the same day (Translation of a german saying)! If in the case of using Divi that would mean, that I am able to set an Block element i.e. “Types Field” and in the General Settings Tab of the Divi Modules I choose which field to load while be able to set some stylings (selectively synced) in advanced custom styling and custom css tabs? That would be super-awesome.

      Also I’m looking forward to integrate Divi’s Split testing tools with WooCommerce Views and CRED.

      Thanks in advance of what to come, keep up your excellent work and kindest regards!


      P.S. +1 for Divi!

      • Thanks for the update. Indeed, the majority of requests here for more integration go to Beaver Builder and Divi. Do you want to help us? You can!

        Write in Elegantthemes forum and explain that you want to see Divi integrated with Toolset. The more people do this, the more attention we will get when we start the integration. Then, we will be able to give you cleaner and faster integration.

        • Done.

          But esp. the Building Blocks for the Divi Builder should be provided by OnTheGo. I don’t think that Elegant Themes will do more than provide support or help to accomplish the integration.

          I took a look into Divi’s documentation. ET hasn’t any guides to code custom blocks/modules and there aren’t really any threads in their forums about this topic. Because of that I just wanted to provide some links to kickstart your development: Link | Link | Link | Link

          Those Toolset-modules, as long as you are willing to provide them, should be provided with your Divi integration plugin.

          Best regards!


            • Hi Amir!

              I got a feedback from ET. Assuming that you have access to their forums, please take a look at this thread.

              They told me, that you can contact them via their contact form to specify what you need from them to make the integration of the Divi Builder happen.

              Best regards!

  17. Wow, I just did a little test, and it worked! I was curious if I could install Toolset, and use Layouts, and then install a page builder plugin, and use that AFTER I created the initial layout, and it worked. This just opened up some great possibilities for me to offer an EASIER experience for my clients.

    I am always hesitant to give my clients control of layouts, because I have had bad experiences with clients break a ton of stuff.

    If I use Toolset, and specifically Layouts, to create my functional design … THEN give my clients a front end page editing tool … there is less chance that I will have to fix a broken website.

    This and many other possibilities … I am seeing the light!

    The plugin I used in my test is actually a free front end page editor:

    It’s pretty nice. It used to be a premium plugin, but they made it free.

    I built a very basic parent layout, with a child that just pulled in the basic content.

    Then I went to a page, gave it the child layout as the template, and used the Live Composer plugin to build out my page.

    It works great!

    Give it a try. I’d love to know what you think.


  18. I didn’t think people that did that much dev to use toolset used composers. Seems like a short-term plan that could go very very wrong long-term. I would hate to tie my actual content to layers of 3rd party code. Maybe I am missing something here but we do all our dev in responsive templates,

  19. Hey Amir, Justin from Beaver Builder here πŸ™‚ Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss getting Toolset and Beaver Builder working together. I know we have a lot of customers that would love to see that and I’d be more than happy to lend a hand. You can shoot me an email at hello [at] wpbeaverbuilder [dot] com or reach me on the WordPress Slack @justinbusa. Thanks!

    • Thanks Justin. I’ll introduce between you and the relevant developers on our side and expedite this integration.

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news! I have put quite a lot of resources into using VC for design projects, and an integration with Toolset makes everything easier. So excited to try this out!

    • Yes, it would have been very cool to add our own custom cells, but what benefit would it really give over using a simple text input?

      • When the grid page displaying shortcodes, it is ugly and violates the idea of VC. I want the grid to appear stylish informative elements Toolset. As in the Layouts plugin.

        • it would be very cool to add it to the stable release. It would be really full-fledged integration.

  21. Concerning this blog post:
    The pagination of the comments does not work. Can’t see “older comments”.

    • Yes, something is broken here in the comments pagination. We don’t normally get so many comments to blog posts, so we haven’t seen this bug happening before. It’s something in our theme and we’ll fix it ASAP.

  22. This is a very nice integration. Like Chris and Ken, I would very much appreciate it if you can do the same for Beaver Builder, because i’m using this.

  23. As someone that uses VC a lot, I am excited about this. This streamlines productivity as I never go into using layouts.

  24. Hi Amir
    That is a great addition, for a long time I have wished views had a visual editor and you have delivered.
    I not a big fan of VC due to the messy code it adds to the source so I probably wont use it.
    BeaverBuilder is my favourite page builder, not sure if you can build a” template” with BB in the same way you have used VC you would also need to put the views code via the front end, but if you can that pull it off that would be mighty.

  25. I’d love to be able to use Layouts at all, but only ever get a white screen and endless fruitless searching for a solution.

    • This shouldn’t happen. Did you report in our forum? We should be able to find what’s causing this for you and get it working.

  26. I get Fatal error: Class ‘Vc_Shortcodes_Manager’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/wp-views/inc/classes/editor/visual-composer.php on line 96

    • Thanks for reporting. I’ll put you in contact with a developer, so he can check why it’s happening for you.

    • Hi Darren, I guess an outdated version of Visual Composer is the reason for the error, are you able to update to latest an see if the issue is gone?

      Still there shouldn’t be an error with older versions, we will add a version check and throw a notice.

      Thanks for your report!

  27. Great job Amir
    For a long time I have been wishing there was a visual editor built in so I am very much in favor of this step, although I must admit, I am not a fan of Visual Composer due the messy shortcodes it introduces into content.
    I have several other Page Builders but the one I use exclusively is BeaverBuilder So I would love to see this integrated with Types and Views, I not sure how you would do that though but looking forward to see end results


  28. +1 for Beaver Builder – it is an outstanding product – it would make a lot of people very happy πŸ™‚

  29. Great to see forward momentum in the Types evolution.
    What I just saw in the video, is the key for me to finally make use of my Types purchase. I’ve always got stuck, and failed, when creating something original, using the whole WP-Types suite, with no example to follow. Integrating a visual layout, as opposed to the sort-of clunky and confusing, Layout interface, will unlock the doors for bigger and better custom projects !! Thank you for making Types bigger and better !

  30. At long last! Congratulations on this development. I’ve been asking for this functionality for a while & it’s really exciting to see this finally coming into existence.

    Looking forward to beta testing & helping where I can. Keep up the great work!!

  31. The row background options are not working. If I give a row a background color it does not show up on the front end.

  32. great feature, i was using shortcodes ultimate for easy integration, its friendly with toolset, but visual composer is a whole new level indeed. great job

  33. Gets a little worried and wondering what is happening with Layouts. Sincerely hope that you will continue to develop Layouts, I have put a lot of time and has built several websites with Layouts.

    • Layouts development is going fine. The upcoming release of Toolset plugins includes major updates for all plugins, including Layouts. Visual Composer and other page builders have a large user base. It makes no sense for us to tell everyone to switch over. If you are starting a new project and you’re not locked on a page builder, I recommend Layouts. We’re using it for our own sites. However, many people are heavily invested in different page builders. I think that they appreciate the fact that we’re integrating Toolset with these builders. Does this make sense?

  34. Filters for WordPress Archives (including hard-coded in the settings and parametric search)
    there is a tutorial for this feature ?

    • We’re updating all documentation for Views 2.1. We’ll have it ready in a few days. This update should be ready in a week.

  35. Excellent news!!

    Please, do it available for the Filter section in Search form Views! It’s really necessary to do easy the parametric searches!

    Thanks and congratulations!!

  36. Is this only for content template for single pages? I downloaded the beta but can’t seem to get it to work with Views. I was hoping this would solve the responsive grid issue that views has without using bootstrap.

    • We’re going to integrate Visual Composer and Beaver Builder into the editors in Views and in CRED. This is going to take us a little longer, as the integration is less straight forward. VC wants to work in the “post-edit”, so it fits perfectly into Content Templates. For the other locations, we need to mimic the WordPress editor for VC to load.

  37. Divi Builder and Thrive Content Builder would be an amazing addition and would take the content template design to the next level. Keep up the good work guys πŸ™‚

  38. Just putting in my vote for Beaver Builder πŸ™‚ Love the visual though… so much easier!

  39. The “Bad thing” about visual composer is it require 1mb+ for their own assets.. the CSS is bloated with unused element style… i hope VC team consider to create CSS onthefly just for used element.