CRED 1.2.4 released


November 27, 2013

CRED 1.2.4 is our, with a ton of little fixes and improvements. While this version doesn’t include any big new feature, it is a highly recommended update for anyone running CRED.

Here is the list of updates in this version:

  • New Feature: You can now include shortcodes in the “thank you message” displayed on CRED create.
  • Creating hierarchical Taxonomy (like Categories) from a CRED form now works consistently
  • Using a generic conditional to show fields now works consistently
  • CRED+WPML – Forms created for translation were incorrectly displaying in base language
  • Creating a new custom post from a form did not always complete successfully
  • Tag search returned values for all languages, not just current language
  • “Send notification to a WordPress user” field is displays User Email Instead of the User Name
  • Form content editor is displayed minimized in Linux environments
  • Cloning a CRED form could result in multiple copies
  • Screen Options on cred forms list didn’t save the number of pages
  • Resolved CRED conflicts with Ultimate Shortcode Plugin
  • The Insert Types Shortcode did not select the correct post type
  • Cred Child Content Link didn’t actually create child content
  • Create CRED form changed the current post id of the page/post where it is inserted
  • Getting Upload failed message if the image to upload is set as ‘Required’
  • CRED edit form conflicted with wpv-post-body shortcode
  • CRED added forcing character (slash) before single quote
  • Resolved issues with nesting shortcodes in CRED forms
  • CRED Notifications – Custom field dropdowns were not being populated
  • Improved user email field in notifications
  • Fixed – PHP Notice: Undefined index: set_value Fixed – PHP Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
  • Fixed – PHP Strict standards: Non-static method CRED_XML_Processor::cloneData() should not be called statically
  • Fixed – PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent
  • Fixed – PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object
  • Fixed – PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

Download and Upgrade

If you are using our Installer plugin, you should get CRED 1.2.4 automatically to your WordPress admin. You can always download manually from your account.

Coming next to CRED

This updates puts CRED in a much more convenient state for major new functionality. CRED 1.3 will include a new fields library, replacing Zebra forms.

Why should you care? Because Zebra forms adds too much implicit design, making it difficult to style CRED forms and control them. The new fields library will be light and minimalistic. Fields will look nice, but without a ton of CSS.

This new version will go together with Types 1.6 and a brand new API for fields. So, if you want to create your own field types, either completely new or derived from existing Types fields, it will be a breeze.


Comments 21 Responses

  1. Hi, glad to see this update :), thanks for keeping the progress going.

    I’m assuming the tinyMCE editor integration will be in 1.3?

    Cheers, mark

    • Not sure. The main focus for CRED 1.3 is a complete rewrite of the fields library. This will make it a lot nicer to style CRED forms and adapt to your site and also create custom field types. We’ll see how this goes and then what we can also include in that release.

  2. Is the new fields api in Cred going to affect field types for the types plugin as well? How far out is types 1.6 roughly?

      • In Types you guys use a modified version of Enlimbo for forms and field types. I’ve built custom field types for Types but I’m wondering if there are going to be further under the hood changes that might break existing code. Is types 1.6 going to be a few more weeks or is it just around the corner?

    • Hi Abdul,
      Yes, conditionals and many other features currently in Types will be coming with CRED 1.3.

  3. Hi, is the thumbnail preview of uploaded images and a progress meter during upload going to be included in CRED 1.3? And is there an estimated timeline for CRED 1.3 release. Many thanks.

  4. Will there be a more “built in” method for group fields? The current method is not user friendly and doesn’t seem to flexible. Thanks.

    • Yes. That’s very much on our todo list. We are working on infrastructure changes for CRED, which will allow it to be much more flexible in upcoming releases. Then, we have a list of CRED features, including simplifying the fields group management.

  5. HI guys,

    great work indeed… any chance to see user fields management with CRED 1.3?
    As I see from old blog posts it’s something people really want to have.

    Thanks anyway for your great job supporting us and developing such fantastic plugins!
    Best regards