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[Resolved] [wpv-found-count] results question.

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Last updated by katinaA 1 year, 6 months ago.


We have set up Views that include using [wpv-found-count] to give a numerical count of the number of posts meeting the criteria of the View display. The problem I'm seeing is the number given is not accurate.

Please see this page for an example:

hidden link

If you look at the Northwest Region on this page, you'll see the count provided is 36. But if you count the number of partners displaying for that region, it is only 19. 19 is the amount that is accurately working. Any assistance with getting 36 to change to 19 here would be appreciated. I'm not sure if I'm using the correct code for what we want here.

I think what it is doing here is as follows:

We have a taxonomy for the region and a custom select field for Awards. We have query filters set up to limit the results to display only Partners that are in one specific region AND have the correct year selected on the awards field. I think what is happening here is it is filtering by region correctly, but the awards field filter is not working entirely correctly.

This is a separated ticket from this ticket because I know you prefer different problems to get separate tickets:

But I think this problem is related to the original problem with using the custom select field as a filter and not due to [wpv-found-count] not working correctly. Feel free to close this ticket if you agree that this is just an offshoot of the original problem.


I changed the field to a Taxonomy and the counts are working properly with that. Something about the custom checkbox select field wasn't working right and I think that's the problem throughout the issues I'm having with this in the other ticket.

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