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[Resolved] Woocommerce single product page not displaying correctly

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Last updated by Beda 5 years, 9 months ago.

Assisted by: Beda.


I already logged in to the site previously, which is why I saw the used Plugins.

I am not sure what you want.

You can use Toolset, and not use it in WooCommerce posts or archives, this is not an issue.
The steps are elaborated here below:
- install Toolset and WooCommerce
- neglect the message that nags to install WooCommerce Views
- create Layouts and/or Content Templates for all your posts unless products
- create Archives for all your archives unless the Shop and other WooCommerce things (product category for example).

If this is what you need, above is how it's done.
I can do that for you if you wish, but I prefer not to make changes on your site unless you specifically ask me to do so and have a backup ready.

As to why on your site, when I activate Toolset Layouts the design of the products changes, after several tests on the subject directly on your live site I discovered there must be a compatibility issue between the Theme and Layouts, this clearly is solved immediately as soon you use another theme.
(Unlikely another plugin)

1. Your theme, Views, Types and Layouts will knock out the theme CSS completely on WooCommerce Products
2. Enabling WooCommerce Views solves this, but:
- issues with CSS conflicts arise, as this theme conflicts with Bootstrap
- changing settings in how to load or not to load bootstrap does not solve this problem.

This issue must be replicable locally.

To expedite this, can I ask a copy of the site?
Since it's an MS, you can zip up the folder of the particular site in the FTP and it's database.
Send that to me so I can replicate it locally.

Or, simpler, a copy of the Theme.
I can then try to replicate a similar setup as yours and find the issue.

Thank you for the patience!


I cannot debug child themes but only publicly available themes.

Hence I used the "Sage" Theme.

As soon I activated Toolset Layouts on that theme, the simple Homepage is missing all its style.

I do not even need to activate any WooCommerce Plugin.
Clearly, this theme is not compatible with Toolset Layouts.

I will try to find what it is, as it is not related to the Bootstrap loading.
For this purpose, I have to escalate the ticket, and compatibility issues may take a little longer to fix, in case we need to collaborate or need the help of the Theme's Developers.

Rather strange that this does not happen on your site, it must be that you did already some work on the child theme, I assume, since on your site it's only the WooCommerce contents, in my test locally it's everything.

I will feedback when the developers have updates about this.

For now, I can only suggest to not use Toolset Layouts or Change the Theme.


Thank you Beda for looking into this. I'm not sure why only my WC single product page gets affected and not all pages as per the parent Sage theme, although I do have a fair bit of custom styling in the child theme. Unfortunately ditching the theme at this stage is not an option for me, so failing a resolution to this incompatibility I would have to forgo using Layouts, which I really don't want to have to. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your developers be able to shed some light on all this.


Hello Beda, did you manage to set up the website on your local machine? I did not provide the plugins that I use, so was wondering how you got on without them? If you need these I will zip them up for you.


I do not need the plugins or other materials, as I already stated earlier, this theme is 100% incompatible with Toolset Layouts.
It has a very particular way of being installed and a unique templating system

This theme will not work with Toolset, I fear, and many other plugins, that need certain things to be loaded, like wp_head().

I am not a developer and this is not a final statement, this is the result of my debug work which may be wrong.
I already tasked a developer with ensuring the quality of my debug work and confirm or deny it, as well as share his opinion and eventual solutions.

As soon I get feedback, I will let you know.
What I suggested is to talk to the DEV of the Sage Theme so to cooperate on a solution.

Letting go of Toolset, in this case, is not what I suggest.
Toolset works perfectly fine and does not destroy theme styles or setups if they are coded according to the WordPress codex, and (it surprises me a lot) Sage is not coded like the Codex instructs.
Hence you would rely on an exception and ditch the general rule.

That may look attractive now but later, you will stumble over issues again with other plugins, I fear, using that Theme.

Again, I may be wrong and will feedback as soon I have definite news.


Hi, we have a problem here replicating this issue.

It seems to us that your theme had a build error.

The theme requires as you know a specific way to be built, and what I noticed in your copy of the theme as outlined above, is not happening in fresh copies of the theme made by our Developer.

Hence, I have to ask you to re-perform the build and ensure that nothing is wrong with it.
If then the issue still happens, please share the entire precise build process you follow with us, as well as a fresh copy of this theme (with the issue present).

We think this was a problem with the build process of your particular theme.

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