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[Closed] Updateing

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Last updated by Jamal 1 month, 1 week ago.

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Hi there,

We've spent a week trying to work out why, when updating from WP 5.6.4 to 5.8 all our Kadence blocks were breaking.

Ben, the lead dev at Kadence had a dig about and came to the below conclusion.
We had to roll the site back to prior to the update to be able to update and move on, however we are now unable to rist updating WP because Toolset is apprently breaking Kadence blocks.

Please see below from Ben at Kadence:

I think we need to first make some things as clear as possible.

When you upgrade to 5.8 the front end of your site stays the same. It works and shows the styling you expect. (your two links show this).

The backend of your site is showing that blocks are broken but it's only when you try to repair them in the backend that you actually see broken content on the front end.

I did some looking. I know you said you tested with all your plugins deactivated but from a code perspective it certainly looks like a block plugin is changing the way attributes (specifically the core custom classes) are being applied and work.

I deactivated the likely plugins that would be affecting Gutenberg in such a way and that solved the issue. With these plugins deactivated: hidden link

All the Kadence Blocks that were showing as "broken" on the backend we showing fine on the backend with no issue. For example the Kadence Buttons.

So I feel that I can definitively say that your issue is caused by one of those plugins, they are breaking something in WordPress with regards to the 5.8 update and the core custom class attributes.

Toolset blocks is the most obvious because of what it does in the editor. So I left it deactivated and did a quick test when reactivating the others.

Sure enough, the button block works and shows fine on the backend when you have toolset blocks deactivated, see: hidden link

And once you activate toolset blocks it shows the block as broken: hidden link

Thus I suggest you not update to 5.8 until toolset has fixed their blocks plugin.



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Hi Pete

Do you have more details of what the actual problem is?

I set up a test site with WP 5.6.4 and Kadence Blocks plus Toolset Blocks.

I added some Kadence buttons to a page, styled them, checked them on the front end, returned to edit them on the back end, everything seemed okay.

I then upgraded to WP 5.8 and edited the page again, where everything appeared normal both on the back end and the front end.

So what is the set up required to produce the problem?

aaa see 44.jpg

Hi Nigel,

We had a site already running on 5.6.4, this using Kadence blocks. After we updated to 5.8 every page we then went into had the image below...all Kadence blocks needed recovery, upon doing this all styling was lost. This then detailed in Ben's reply to us.

Essentially we started to rebuild some blocks before stopping as this was a large job, just on the smaller of our sites.

Unsure how your set up differs to ours, I know little about code etc hence we waited a week for emails back on forth from Ben to conclude in the above.

We couldn't leave the site broken any longer as we had things to add and update so rolled it back this morning.



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In that case I think we'll need a copy of your site to be able to examine it more closely to see if we can spot what's different between your site and a vanilla test site.

Please create a Duplicator package, minus the uploads folder, as described here: hidden link

You can share a link to the archive on dropbox or similar here, the link will be hidden from other users.


Hi there,

We've never used duplicator and then you say, minus the uploads folder, no idea what that would entail.

We also don't use DropBox, no need to.

More than happy to give you access to the site so you can take what you need however for us to start messing with a system we've never used to duplicate our site, could just start a never ending set of issues.

Happy for you to take a copy!



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Your next reply will be private to let you share credentials to your website safely. Your next reply will be private to let you share credentials safely.

The Duplicator plugin is a powerful plugin for taking WordPress site copies. We also use All In One Migration. They both offer a setting to exclude some types of files. We use that feature to exclude the uploads folder in order to reduce the size of the copy.
But if you don't want to use any of them, please prepare a zip file on your website that contains the following:
- An export/dump of the database.
- The plugins folder.
- The themes folder.



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I was not able to log in with the provided credentials. Please double-check from your side and update your previous reply or your next one.



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Thank you for the credentials, I took a copy of your staging site and built it locally.

Before performing the update to WP5.8, can you specify which pages/content templates/view etc. to check before and after the update? Maybe they have something special than what @nigel has tried on his test site.

aaa see 44.jpg

Thank you Jamal,

Ok these two worst the worst effected:
hidden link
hidden link

The Home Page had similar issues:
hidden link

Templates not as bad. Thing to note, its the Kadence Blocks and buttons that broke the worst.

Although we have now changed things about abit, the image shows the Collection Page in editor:
hidden link

Many thanks again, Pete



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I confirm the issue on my local copy, but it seems that the issue can be recoverable by the blocks editor. The issue happens for the InfoBox and the Advanced Button blocks, and they both get recovered without any issues. Both blocks are not using the Toolset Dynamic Sources.

Can you try to recover the blocks in your staging site, and check if it has any destructive effect on the block?
For example, losing a link, or a dynamic data source.

If you find out that something gets lost for the blocks, I'll escalate the copy to our 2nd Tier for further analysis.



I can, on this site: hidden link

Carry out the update now, however I cannot leave it like this. The site is nearing completion to go live.
If you are still available, it will be updated to 5.8 in about 10 minutes time and I can leave it like this for a couple of houses.

You have access to the site.

After a couple of hours I will have to roll it back, we can't delay this site any further.

Ok updated to 5.8 and just like before recovery breaks the styling.

This page: hidden link
North Norfolk recovered, styling broken. West Norfolk not touched.

All Kadance blocks on this page: hidden link
Will break when recovered, we have touched nothing.

Ben from Kadence makes it clear from his comments in my first ticket his findings.

This we found over two weeks ago.




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Thank you, Pete. I worked on the homepage and after recovering the broken blocks, some of their settings/stylings were lost. Check this screenshot, the separator between the images and the titles inside the InfoBox block sere lost(right side).

I'll escalate this to our 2nd Tier, but it may take some time before it gets addresses, especially because we can consider it a minor issue, as it does not really break any features of the website.

I'll get back to you as soon as I have something to share.


Hi there Jamal,

You tested on styling we were adding, the diving line and other spacing using custom CSS.

However on the other pages mentioned, the Kadance buttons are breaking, this with no styling from us.
The update breaks Kadance features and functions.

Sure its not a big deal to Toolset however it is to us and means we cannot update any sites to 5.8 without compromising our styling and that of the basic functions of Kadence.

Appreciate your time as always and for escalating this matter.

I'll have to restore the site back now. However can help ref this if needed again.

Look forward to any updates as we are a little concerned about this.

Regards, Pete



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Hello Pete and my apologies for this late reply. No good news yet. Our 2nd Tier could not build the copy of your website to debug it and he asked for a working copy, but I missed the emails. So, I tried today again to build the copy locally and provide a working copy but I could not. I was able the previous time to build a working copy, but I had to perform some modifications:
- Comment line 5 in wp-config.php: // require(“${_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]}/wp-config.php”);
- Add database prefix: $table_prefix = ‘wp_xmr5x8qh7h_’;
- Correct the WP_CONTENT_URL, mine was not wrapped in single quotes: define( ‘WP_CONTENT_URL’, ‘hidden link; );
- Comment a line in wp-settings.php. I remember that I had to comment on a line that was requiring a Flywheel-specific file.

I wanted to take a new copy but the staging site is already updated to 5.8. Can you prepare another staging from the production version? I'll try another plugin such as All In One Migration to take the copy.
Or can you provide a copy of your website? Basically a zip file for the themes and plugins(and toolset custom code folder if available) folders, and an export/dump of the database.

Thank you.

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