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[Resolved] The map block in a content template for multiple post types

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Last updated by nickH-5 5 months, 2 weeks ago.

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I am trying to use the maps block for multiple post types. I have a content template which applies to multiple post types. Each of the post types has the field "address" which I am trying to show on the map. All of the CPTs have the same address field (wpcf-address)

However, if I choose in the dynamic source dropdowns a specific custom field group and the address field, the map shows but with no marker for all post types other than that which has the specific custom field group (for example if I choose as shown in the attached image, it works for circle partners but not for any of the other post types this content template applies to.

If this is not a bug, it ought to be because being able to apply a content template to only one post type breaks the purpose of them in my view.

If I can't use the maps block, can I create the map using shortcodes and is there any documentation please?


Ok so I seem to have found a workaround...use the fields and text block. That seems to work but to be honest this seems to be defeating the object of making it easier with Toolset Blocks instead of shortcodes.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Yes, you can use the shortcodes and Map blocks limited customizations and when you use shortcode it will allow you to have control over customization so I suggest for any fancy requirement you should go with Maps shortcode.


I wouldn't call trying to use a content template for more than one pot type and expecting the maps block to work for those post types "fancy" to be honest. In moving to Blocks, I am sorry to say I don't think Toolset has thought through the platform properly and as a result while Blocks allow easy page building they have lost so much functionality as to be useless for anything beyond a flat site with a few post types.

I know you are considering what to do next and my suggestion would be to stop trying to be another page builder and instead concentrate on proper functionality integration, maybe with one or two block types (say GeneratePress or similar). Please also maintain shortcodes and support for them because much of sites still have to be built with them given Blocks limitations



Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

We are here to support always legacy (shorcode based) views as well. If you will require help with shortcode, you are welcome to ask here but there is a few block based limitation and we will try to improve in future but there is no ETA on it.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!