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I'm trying to set up a page where people can sort through a custom taxonomy with alphabetical grouping, where they can click an alphabet letter at the top that links them to a page with just the taxonomy entries starting with that letter. And then clicking on one of the normal entries would go to the archive listing the posts within that taxonomy.

I figured the easiest way to do this would be to have parent taxonomy entries for the letters, i.e. there would be an "A" taxonomy entry, and that would be set as the parent for any taxonomy entry starting with A. But I'm having trouble getting things set up with a View that would just display the child entries from a single parent. How would I set up a View where I can have it output just the child taxonomy entries from a single parent at a time, where the parent is specified by a URL variable? Or is there some better way to do this?


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Dear Annie,

It is depends on your self.
If you need to manually specific the term's value, I suggest you try with passing the parameter with Views shortcode attribute, see our document:

If you need to specific the term's value by your users in wordpress front-end, then I suggest you try with URL parameters.


The issue I'm having is that the taxonomy view doesn't seem to have any options I can find to filter by a variable I pass. I know how to pass the variables too the view, but the filter options on a taxonomy view aren't the same as for posts and I don't see any filter option that would allow me to filter it by the variable I pass. How would I get the taxonomy view to filter by a variable I pass via the URL?


Luo Yang
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Supporter Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

The taxonomy view does support both URL parameter filter and shortcode attribute filter, see the screenshot:

If you need to pass the parameter with URL, you can add a filter into your taxonomy view:
Taxonomy term ID is set by the URL parameter "terms-filter"


Ah, ok, I just realized I was looking under the wrong filter type, I see the options now that I'm on the correct one. Thanks.

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