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[Resolved] Style header + menu in Toolset Starter theme with Layouts

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Problem: I would like to change the main menu background color and remove the top header image from a site that uses the Toolset Starter Theme and Layouts.

Solution: In the Theme Customizer you can adjust the primary color, which is used as the main menu background. To remove the header image, you can edit the Header and Footer Layout, and/or override styles in the child theme.

To edit the Header and Footer Layout, click the pencil icon above the row "Logo and Primary Menu". Remove the class 'bg-header-image' to delete the header image.

To override the styles associated with the 'bg-header-image' class, make changes in the Toolset Starter Child theme's style.css file.

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I'm trying to :
1. Get rid of the header image
2. Style the menu background ( blue thing) and menu text appearance.

I'm totally new to wp toolset, please have patience.

the site is live at hidden link

Thank you.


Hi, you can modify both of these to some extent in wp-admin by going to Appearance > Customize. Click "Colors" to change the primary site color (this is the menu background color), and click "Header Image" to remove or change the top image.



I can't manage to find the header image still. Have the picture attached. Maybe i'm missing something.

How can i edit that with css? in what files and how can i find the class? There are still more things, like the footer color that i would like to customize.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.55.44 PM.png

Okay it looks like you have the Layouts plugin active. With Layouts active, the header image is not defined in Theme Options, so sorry for the confusion. Instead, it is applied to a Layout row using CSS. Edit the Layout "Header and Footer" and click the pencil icon above the row "Logo and Primary Menu" (as in the attachment). You will see that a couple of CSS classes have been applied to this row - header-nav and bg-header-image. The bg-header-image class holds the image background definition. The definitions for this and many other parent theme styles are maintained in the Toolset Starter theme file wp-content/themes/toolset-starter/css/theme.css. If you wish to override those definitions, do that in the child theme's CSS. The file wp-content/themes/toolset-starter-child/style.css is already enqueued, so you can add overrides there.


Cool. I found the files. Edited the child theme one, saved, refresed the website. Nothing Happens

Thank you for your time and support, i know these are pretty basic questions.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.35.36 PM.png

Looks like it was not updated correctly on the server. See the attachment; it's saved as

background-image: no;

Resave the modification and upload it again. I think it will work.


tried with
: no , : none , but still no success. even edited the parent theme , updated and still no success...weird

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.46.34 PM.png

It's working now. Please clear your browser cache.


Great! Thanks!

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