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[Resolved] Screen for selecting 'Toolset – Fields and Views' appears behind Divi Builder

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Last updated by Jamal 3 years, 2 months ago.

Assisted by: Jamal.


I am trying to:
When I add a Text Module, I have the option to add Filds and Views by clicking on the button within the Text Module. But nothing happens. But I find out that screen where I can select the Custom Field appears behind the Divi screen. I tried to capture it as movie.
hidden link
So after closing the Divi Theme Builder, you will see the screen that has to be in front of the Divi Builder.
I already issued a ticket with Toolset, but they say this is a Divi issue. And I agree, becuase the windows were you can select the Toolset - Fields and Views is openend, but in the background.
Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

I expected to see:
The screen for selecting fields and views

Instead, I got:
When closing the Divi Theme Builder the screen for selecting Fileds and View is visible

Reaction from Divi:
Thanks for the video, and sorry for the troubles.
I am afraid it is difficult for us to provide support for third-party plugin incompatibility, as we do not know how they are coded. You need to contact plugin developer for more info on this. If they suggest anything specific to be done from our side, please let us know. So we can check it further. 👍



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Hello and thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

I was able to partially reproduce this issue in a clean install. You can check it here hidden link

The Toolset Dialog window to add custom fields does not appear, but I don't see it after closing Divi Builder. Maybe, I am not following the same steps that you do.

Let me reach our 2nd Tier for assistance on this issue and get back to you. In the meantime, you can continue working by adding Toolset shortcodes manually.



Thanks for responding and able to reproduce the issue. There is also an issue with the screen Toolset - Fields and Views when you add a Text Module in Divi, click on the button Field and View button (in the Text Settings), the screen is appearing. Probably the is there also appearing behind the Divi screens. Can you please test this also, so you can see this issue too? I tried it in the sandbox and the problem exists with a clean install aslo.
The comination of Divi and Toolset is so powerfull, but with this little hickups is hard to use it as easy it should be.
Hope you will put efffort in solving this issue.



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I reached out to our 2nd Tier to discuss these issues and he confirms that this will not work as expected and that we are not supporting this usage in Divi 4. We have introduced a new Divi module to insert Views into Divi templates or pages designed with Divi, but otherwise, our recommendation is not to mix Divi and Toolset on the same page. Use Divi where Toolset isn’t required, use Blocks where it is.

This was outlined publicly here:
The new Divi module was introduced in Toolset Blocks(v 1.4) last week
The Divi team has published about the new integration too. hidden link

Old existing sites built with Divi 3 and Toolset should continue to work, but you cannot make any changes if you update to the Divi 4 builder, and new sites built with Divi 4 cannot use the older integration.

I hope this answers your request. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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