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[Resolved] Question about very strange wrapping of of Views Template in Divi 3.10.1

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The output of an existing View now includes wrapper divs with classes of .et-boc and .et_builder_inner_content which messes with the current style rules.

apply suppress_filter="true" to your Content Templates inserted in the Views.
The classes are added by Divi or Divi Builder to the_content and this is the only way to remove them (or ask Divi to not add those to all the_content calls but only when they require it)

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Last updated by peterS-14 5 years, 10 months ago.

Assisted by: Nigel.


Hi Toolset Team

I made a view template in the traditional way using HTML and CSS without the use of Divi Builder and in Divi 3.9 it just works the way it is intended to work.

But in Divi 3.10. i noticed that the Toolset View Template in the loop gets wrapped in two additional div :

<div id="et-boc" class="et-boc"
<div class="et_builder_inner_content et_pb_gutters3">
"Here is the Toolset Views Template"

and to make the confusion a bit bigger: after an ajax operation like search, sorting and so on those strange divs are gone?

Needless to say that this can turn out very annoying, as it breaks the previous CSS styling of the views loop.

So imho i would guess that they got injected only at full page load and are generated by Divi ... for whatever reason.

Now my question is: can you confirm that those div's are not generated by toolset, so i can escalate it in the et-support forum to get a better answer from there than: it's not our plugin - we cant do anything

Not everybody has such a dedicated and competent support like you have 🙁



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Hi Peter

This is odd.

I set up a test on my local site that has Divi installed and could see the issue you describe, which is certainly not intended, though I'm not sure what the cause might be.

I have another user reporting exactly the same.

I was preparing to make a copy of my test site to pass to my colleagues and did some minor cleaning up, deleting unrelated plugins etc., and then the problem disappeared, I can't see it any more.

So I installed Divi 3.10.1 on a different test site where I haven't used Divi before, repeated the test, and this time I couldn't reproduce the problem at all.

I will keep investigating and see if I can reproduce the problem again, but from the above experience I suspect it may be some kind of internal caching issue with either Divi or Views. You may want to try some basic steps such as de-activating and re-activating plugins, switching theme then switching back again etc.

If you notice anything, let me know, and when I find something I will be in touch again.


Hi Nigel

Thanks for your reply, looking into this issue and the hints.

So far I did what you told, deactivating Plugins, and Themes and then just running the site only with Divi and Toolset Types, -Views, -Forms, -Access and - Module Manager, but I still got this annoying wrappers.

If you want I can give you access to the site for a closer look.



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Actually, if you are still seeing the issue, perhaps you could provide a site duplicate (hidden link) so that we have a snapshot where it is known to be happening and I can pass that on to my colleagues who can debug it more thoroughly.

I'll set up a private reply.



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Peter, I installed a copy of your site locally but you have lots of Views and I'm not sure where I should be able to see the issue.


Hi Nigel

you can find it happen in the Shop Directory View on the /shop-directory/ page but it occurs in quite every view, except for the View "Shop Directory Taxonomies filtered"

Please let me know if I can be of more help



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Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 14.12.03.png

Hi Peter

When I look at that View (which is what happened when I'd looked at other Views) it says that you designed the content template in the View with Divi, but in your initial question you said you weren't using Divi to design the template, just "the traditional way using HTML and CSS without the use of Divi Builder".

Can you clarify?


Hi Nigel

Ups - indeed at those views I used the Divi Builder but it behaves exactly the same, with or without Divi Builder

As soon as you do an ajax refresh of the view (search, filter or sort) the div with the et-boc class and the div with the classes et_builder_inner_content et_pb_gutters3 disappear, no matter if you use Divi Builder or use plain vanilla html/css

This is what makes me think that the source of this is coming from the latest Divi update, specially if it didn't happen before.

When you tested it on your site, where the issue suddenly disappeared after a plugin deactivation/reactivation, did you use a fresh Divi install or was it based too on an upgrade from a version lower than Divi 3.10 ?


Hi Nigel

I went over to have a look at the elegant themes support forum where more and more posts about this show up and this issue is also happening on sites without toolset but with woocommerce. So we can close this and wait for some action from the Divi devs. Below an excerpt from the et support forum:

" I followed all the best practices, making use of a Child Theme to apply the changes to Divi that I wanted.

With a new update, you guys added the new stylesheet

This file single-handedly breaks pretty much everything on my site. It reset my custom width for rows in WooCommerce products that were making use of the builder, it broke a newsletter sign up in the footer, and so on.
This file is also referencing IDs, HEAVILY. So it is a lot harder to overwrite the stupid shit you put in this dev stylesheet.


Is getting overwritten by shit like this:

h1, .et-db #et-boc h1, h2, .et-db #et-boc h2, h3, .et-db #et-boc h3, h4, .et-db #et-boc h4, h5, .et-db #et-boc h5, h6, .et-db #et-boc h6 {
color: #939598;
} "

Many thanks for your help and happy weekend, Peter

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