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[Resolved] Postmatic Integration Bridge

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I am trying to: Users subscribe to Postmatic checkbox on forms.

I visited this URL: and Caldera Forms has a bridge, so does gravity forms.

For example: If there is a front-facing form to allow users to submit quotes to website, when submitting; would they like to subscribe (using postmatic checkbox) to the website?



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+01:00)

Hi Salome

Thanks for the feedback and the request.

While I do agree this is an interesting feature to have, we might want to think a little furter, and expand our API so you can include your own code into a form, ad then operate with it after the form is submitted. That would provide support not only for Postmatic, but for any other third party subscription service, or even swrvices beyond subscription.

As you noticed for Caldera Forms, the compatibility is not built into the main plugin itself, but as a separated addon. That means that the main plugin provides an API, and then a separated plugin uses it to build the integration. Ww should use the same principle.

I am putting this on our feature suggestion list. However, please note that this is a quite specific request, that might be doable as of now with our current API - to manage data posted on a CRED form - and some custom code - to display the subscription checkbox on the form -, so it might fall into the custom development category at this moment. We might consider building custom integrations with popular third party services, but this might not happen as soon as you might need it.

Hope it helps.



Thanks for answering. Yes, perhaps it's a good idea to just expand the API in general in the future. I got on board Toolset when it was almost new, but now so many years later- there's so many page builders and services popping up with integration between social sites and 3rd parties providing unique features, that I hope toolset evolves with it. I haven't used it for years and have been back at working with it, but alas; it's been not as competitive as it once was. Still love it, one of the BEST and most powerful builders- period. But still, know, the landscape is changing- internet of things and so forth ^_^ Thanks for responding!

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