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[Resolved] Post only showing when searching for it

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Last updated by marcialB 1 year, 5 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Beda.


Hi there

Our list of members only shows the entries that were imported before the launch. Profiles (CPT) that users added themself since then (with a CRED form) don't appear in the search results here: hidden link. However, they are correctly listed in the section here, that shows the newest members: hidden link.

Also, when searching for a new member, the search results show the person. They are just missing when you open the search page initially.

I emptied our WP Rocket cache and rebuilt the Relevanssi index. No effect. I also checked the new posts but didn't find any difference to the older ones that are working.

Do you have any suggestions what might cause this weird issue?

Thanks for your help!


It seems you use a View here hidden link but not here hidden link

Possibly, a Filter sets some limits or query conditions to limit the output, but I can't tell from the front end.
Views has its own cache too, which can be disabled, but it should not keep posts from appearing when created.

If the issue persists, after above check, can you try with no other plugin but Toolset and another theme, maybe on a staging site?
If that does not help, can you also let me see the backend of this site eventually?


Hi Beda

I found the issue here. I filtered the search results by the last name. Apparently, in some profiles that field was empty. Those didn't show in the initial view. The same happened to those that didn't set a location (as we offer the option to search for profiles in a certain area). I expected those profiles to show anyway instead of not at all. But we were able to fix it by forcing users to have those fields filled out and generated the missing entries for the affected users.