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[Resolved] Only display certain items on one page with no paginator

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Last updated by Ole Andreas Vekve 7 years, 1 month ago.

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I am trying to only show 4 items on my front page with no paginator. I currently use WordPress Archive cell within a layout that is used on Home/Blog loop.

I have tried searching on forum and Google, but found nothing.

For what I have understand I have the possibility to have:

- No Pagination. This will display all posts.
- Pagination enabled. This shows a numbers of posts. E.g. 4. But the user is able to navigate to see the next 4.

So I am wondering how this could be solved.


Those paginations are probably not part of Views.

They are produced by your Theme most certainly.

In Views Archives you can disable pagination (will display all items).
This will override the "Item number" in Settings > Reading and therefore never produce a pagination.

Then you can choose to paginate, with either the WordPress Settings > Reading default settings, or, the custom amount of post.

This will in case there are more posts than displayed on the Current Page, produce the Theme's pagination.

IF the Theme is ONLY calling a minimal Loop, with no pagination links, you could control this with Views only, but, every theme in WordPress repository has pagination links, as otherwise they would not pass the requirements.

In your case, I would rather suggest a "classic" View, where you display 4 Items only, and then use a Static page where you insert the View (or assign your Layout)


Thank you,

Just to clearify. So you don't have any solutions to view the last 4 posts from this specific post type?


Those are WordPress archives.
You can display the last four posts, as illustrated, with the given fact that a Theme will present a pagination if it's a WordPress public theme.

The solution to show ONLY 4 posts is to create a View, limit the output to 4, order by post date and insert that View to your front-page, by making the page a static Front page.

The Post type can be specified in the View.

It is also possible in an Archive, if your Theme does not output pagination links there.


Thank you very much.