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no way to match inner height of container to grid cell

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Last updated by nicholasM 2 months, 2 weeks ago.

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I have put this in as a feature request long ago but I'm not sure it is understood the reason this is an issue. If you make a grid 2 columns, one side text and you want the otherside to be a background image, How do you accomplish this.... there is NO way to add a background "IMAGE" to a grid cell, you can add a background-color but not an image. Then if you add a container inside that grid cell there is NO way to make that container 100% in height. so there is NO way to make this simple layout of 2 columns of equal height with one a bg image the same height without custom CSS. why would min-height not be able to have a % in the drop down.. That can't be more than 1 line of code to add that, but I waited a year and no % was added to the drop down.


Christopher Amirian

Languages: English (English )

Hi there,

The layout that you aim for can be added using Display Flex and currently it is not available.

Please follow the recommendation of the ticket below to have the same height functionality:

If you share the URL, of your website I will be happy to give you the necessary CSS if the method mentioned above does not work for you.



it could also be done by simply allowing the height of a container to be 100% the grid cells themself are already equal heights


Christopher Amirian

Languages: English (English )

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment. If you need my help to give you a quick custom css if needed I'd be happy to try if you give me the URL of the page that contains the Grid.

Thanks 🙂


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!