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[Resolved] Moving template content into a sidebar

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Last updated by katinaA 12 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Christopher Amirian.


I have set up a Partner content type and am working on the Partner template now. I have the template here:

hidden link

and the Partner I'm using to test is here:

hidden link

We haven't added the Maps API key yet, so the map isn't set up. We'll do that later.

Right now, what I'd like to do is move the Contact Info and Map sections in this template into a Right Sidebar.

We are trying to emulate the page here:

hidden link

But I can't figure out how to set up the template to use a sidebar and place these two sections in there.



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Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 08.17.52.png

Hi there

First I would suggest that you use a full width template. If you are not using one of the handful of integrated themes where you see theme option settings while editing the content template then you can use a container block for the entirety of your template content and then in its settings under the Advanced tab choose Wide Width or Full-Width for the alignment (screenshot). That way you can break out of the boxed layout your page currently uses.

Now that you have the full width (or as wide-a-width as you need) available, you can then use a grid block (or even the core columns block) to split your page visually into two columns, a main content area and a narrow sidebar area.

Add content to each column as required...


We have not reached a final decision on the theme we are using on this development site. So if the answer to my question is theme dependent, then we should wait a few days until we can get the theme we are going to use finalized and installed. I'm setting up what I can for the site while our project manager is making that decision.

I do see theme option settings for the theme we are currently using, but not anything where I can use full width.

I see two settings for sidebars and I set them both to Right Sidebar. There is a sidebar present on the page when I add widgets to appear in that sidebar. I emptied the existing widgets out of the sidebar though. Is there a way to have these two field + text sections appear in a widget and still have them pull from the page content for the dynamic field data?

I'm not fully understanding what you mean with using a container block, grid block, columns block to split the page. That sounds like it would be a good approach too. Can you walk me through that approach a little bit more?


Christopher Amirian

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Hi there,

You do not have access to the Content Template details in the Widgets. Only in the main Block Editor of the page. That is why you need to remove the Theme sidebar. So check the theme options and select an option to have no sidebar and have the whole page at your disposal.

After that go to the block editor (Gutenberg) for the page and use the Toolset GRID block to create a two-sectioned page with a larger section as the main content and a smaller section as the sidebar. You can learn more about the GRID block here:

After that, you can add whatever dynamic content that you want into the main content and sidebar area that you created with the Grid block.

I suggest that you check this video:

It is for another point, but it uses a grid in real-time and you can learn from it how to use it to mimic the sidebar inside the block editor.



Sounds good and I understand what you're saying better now. Give me a bit to try everything before we call this thread resolved though.


Christopher Amirian

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Sure thing. Thanks.


I set it up as needed in the template editor and I thought I did everything correctly. But the page is now giving a fatal error. Again the URL is

hidden link

The fatal error is within the page content, not the full page. The top menu is showing and the page title area is showing. I don't know what's wrong here. I'm enabling debugging, but I have to finish downloading the full site via FTP before I can upload the edited wp-config.php file. I'll add details about the error after I'm able to do that, but I'll post this reply now in case you know what's wrong here.


Here's the error from the debug log:

[01-Feb-2022 17:49:00 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Object of class WP_Term could not be converted to string in /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/vendor/toolset/dynamic-sources/server/Sources/PostTaxonomiesRich.php:118
Stack trace:
#0 /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/vendor/toolset/dynamic-sources/server/Sources/PostTaxonomiesRich.php(118): implode(', ', Array)
#1 /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/vendor/toolset/dynamic-sources/server/DynamicSources.php(514): Toolset\DynamicSources\Sources\PostTaxonomiesRich->get_content('region', Array)
#2 /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/vendor/toolset/dynamic-sources/server/DynamicSources.php(786): Toolset\DynamicSources\DynamicSources->get_source_content('', '__current_post', 3546, Object(Toolset\DynamicSources\Sources\PostTaxonomiesRich), 'region', Array)
#3 /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/v in /home3/fyccnorg/public_html/shop-fyccn-org/wp-content/plugins/toolset-blocks/vendor/toolset/dynamic-sources/server/Sources/PostTaxonomiesRich.php on line 118


Note that this problem could be because I changed the fields to Convert to HTML so I could add some text to how the taxonomy fields would display. I thinking that's what is probably going on because the errors relate to taxonomies in some way. I'm not sure why that would be OK with the regular display and not OK in the grid display though. Please advise with your thoughts on this.


The fatal error went away when I removed the taxonomy fields. So now I'm going to try to re-add them.


Ok, I now have everything displaying as we want it within the grid block. But the grid block itself doesn't seem to be nearly as wide as we thought it would be. Please view the page here:

hidden link

I'm viewing on a 4K monitor and the amount of white space to the left and right of the page content is very large. I thought this would display at the full width.

One thing I notice is the text in the main column (left) is being constrained to the same width as the image in the top field (450px).

Compare that to how the text is showing here at a much wider width than the image above it.

hidden link

I think the page built by Toolset's template would look much better if the text part would be much wider. That would push the right column over more and would make things look nicer. Can you let me know how I would do that with the grid?

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Christopher Amirian

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Hi there,

Thank you for getting back to us. We answer one question per ticket, this helps us to serve you better and it is fair to our other customers.

You are welcome to open up another ticket for the other questions.

As the original issue about the sidebar is fixed please kindly set this ticket as resolved.

I split the ticket and will answer the last question there.



My issue is resolved now. Thank you!